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Originally Posted by ho1985

Hey all ,

I have problem to post , Do I have to do this to post it “New Member - Less than 14 days membership or 30 posts”, I just have the thread ready to be posted in the injury and treatments part .

Thank you .

If you have a injury question (or a reasonable question pertaining to any topic) and you can’t yet create the thread in the forum you want to, post it in a forum you are permitted to start a thread and if necessary a moderator will move it to where it should be.

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First post.
Long time reader first time poster.
I’m a 45 year old from Ohio and have some initial measurements and a plan. I’ve been pumping on and off for a few years which added girth but only a temporary 0.5” gain in length so after much reading and seeing many with very encouraging permanent growth rates I am taking the plunge with hanging and stretchers to round out my jelqing and pumping routine.
No pictures taken as I am rather FAT at 275 pounds and measuring my BPEL is pointless in a picture as you would not see the end I am pressing into the bone. Thus questions would arise at the authenticity and veracity of any gains.
I am a nurse and at one time I was in great shape before a motorcycle accident and many routines doses of prednisone left me FAT.
BPEL 5.5
BP FL3.5

Goal 7” by 2014 and by 2015 8” BPEL.
Also a goal of getting down to under 200 lbs. I was a big weight lifter and martial artist at one time so I understand my body more than most and with knowledge of pharmacology and kinesiology I will make these goals cemented.
So besides losing 75 pounds of blubber (which will make it look bigger) I am going to be working on this as my new hobby.
I picked up a cheap $30 Leluv silver model stretcher from eBay along with a $25 ESL40 to do weights and use on the stretcher. I tried the noose type stretcher to my knee for two days and thought I was going to pinch my dick off. No more to that! Well, maybe I will go a little easier.
Slow and steady wins the race and I will do this.
Thanks for the encouragement that this forum provides!

Am I big? Small? Average?

Deleted photo. Start a new thread in the Progress/Photos Forum. Might be a good idea to read the FAQ section also, link at the top of every page.

Also, I have to sleep, that is why your account took so long to be moderated.

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ThunderSS, you and I were doing the same thing. :-)


Ok. Thank you. And sorry about badgering last night to I realized after I sent you those messages it was like 3 am and felt dumb because you must have been sleeping

New To PE

Just getting started out on my PE journey and both excited and nervous about what is to come. I’ve already noticed better EQ since starting (only a week - not sure if that’s normal or just coincidence?).

So my starting stats are 5.7” BPEL and mid shaft of 4.9”. Looking around the forums it would appear that most people are starting over six inches in length and I’m yet to find anyone starting under this length and showing significant results. This brings me to my first question.. Do bigger starting sizes get bigger gains? And is there anyone out there with a smaller penis that has achieved significant results?

Also, one other thing I’m very worried about is causing injury especially long term injury such as vein leakage. This has somewhat discouraged me a little over past couple of days and making me question if this is something I truly want to pursue.. Is this something I should be worrying about? I’d be really grateful if I could get some pointers in order to absolutely minimize such risks.? Has anyone else felt nervous over this and if so what have you done to overcome this?

I’m very open minded and prepared to dedicate myself to this but want to do it the right way and am prepared for slow growth in the interest of safety. One of the other reasons I’m doing this is for overall sexual health. Size is important to me but as much if not possibly more is performance and EQ and overall health.

Hopefully I haven’t ranted on for too long but would be cool to meet some of you who know where I am at or if you are new yourself would be cool to hear from you.

Thanks for listening!

Grower456, welcome to the forum and the weird and fascinating world of PE. Your starting stats really aren’t that unusual. Pretty average, in fact. There doesn’t seem to be any real correlation between starting size and percentage of eventual gain. There are so many variables that , at this point, it’d be impossible to quantify. Some guys just seem to gain more and easier than others. As far as injury, just make sure you’re warming up, paying attention, really familiar with what you’re doing and why, (What are the mechanics of the exercise and how does it relate to the anatomy of the penis, ) and aware of the potential risks.

Good luck on the journey.

:_pump: :donatecar

Thanks clgp7.

Some sound and although simple some reassuring advice!

I see there is a newbie routine on here. My current routine which I’m using from what I learnt a while a go is as follows:

5 mins warm up warm wet wrap
1 min each of stretching left, right, up, down, straight out (with spins in-between to re-encourage flow)
5 mins lubricated outward jelqs alternating left hand right hand and keeping at approximately 75% erect (ease off as I get more erect)
3 mins warm down warm wet wrap

PC clenches throughout day as I remember! (Haven’t got into a good habit here)

Two days on and one day off.

I plan to use this routine for first month at least and am happy to use very moderate force. I expect no gains but simply want to condition myself to the exercises.

Can anyone make any further advice be it basic nutrition / vitamins / creams.. Any recovery aids etc..

Any comments would be great!

Eat clean, be healthy, do some physical training. There aren’t supplements or foods that will make you grow faster.

Hi guys,

I have been lurking around for a while without making a post. I’m 18 and have seen information of PE without really trying it. I’m 6’2 190 lbs. I workout almost everday for about an hour and have changed my diet so I can be a healthier person. I started PE last week hoping to go from 7.5” NBPEL x 5.5” EG mid shaft. My goal is to get to 8.5” NBPEL x 6.25 EG mid shaft in about a year. I’m currently developing a set routine but have not finalized everything. I’m prepared to take a long time but I know everything will be worth it.

Welcome Spork. You”ll not do any better than the already tried and true Newbie routine.

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New "Member"

I just started a few weeks ago.. I use the lg hanger, Bathmate, and jelqing. I warm up with jelqing for about 3 min. Then hang with about 5-10 lbs for 45 min. Then I take a shower and use the Bathmate for 10 min, after getting out of the shower I use coco butter and jelq until it’s dry (about 5 min.) In addition to my physical efforts, I use Ultra T testosterone supplement. I intend to measure once a month, so I don’t know how much I’ve gained, but my wife has made a couple exceptional comments :) I can’t say enough about the lg hanger or the guys who make it.. Very comfortable. The Bathmate is great as well, it feels healthy to pump after hanging. Alibaba sells what appears to be the original Bathmate for 30 bucks.. Very good quality. The testosterone supplement may or may not help gain, but it has increased my energy by about 25%.I’m 33 years old, I didn’t have energy problems before, but having more certainly doesn’t hurt! I thought jelqing was a joke until I started doing it.. Now I’m confident that if you could not afford an lg hanger that with enough dedication jelqing would be enough. I started at flaccid size has increased noticeably! I have a crossover machine beside my bed; I can hang any weight at any angle easily while laying in my bed playing on my phone.. This convenience makes sticking to it easy.. One day I’ll post a side by side picture.. When it’s actually worth looking at :)

Hello, I’ve been doing PE for over 3 months now. Personally, I’ve seen results from it and I treat each session like a ritual. I hope everyone achieves their goals, and remember to have fun doing PE, because it never counts unless you’re enjoying it!

Goal #1: 6.5" BPEL [ ] Goal #2: 7.0" BPEL [ ] Goal #3: 7.5" BPEL [ ]


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