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Originally Posted by MrKhazar
Hello, I’ve been doing PE for over 3 months now. Personally, I’ve seen results from it and I treat each session like a ritual. I hope everyone achieves their goals, and remember to have fun doing PE, because it never counts unless you’re enjoying it!

It’s all was good to hear positive results and feedback. It keeps some of us motivated.

Looking to start the newbie routine soon. Also hoping to find more information on supplement stacks. Looks like a nice forum, a wealth of information.

Welcome to all the new guys. We hope your time here is productive and fun.

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Hello. I just registered a few days ago and will start lurking soon. I am very skeptical about penis enlargement. Is there any place around here where there’s information available to people like me?

Exactly what kind of information are you looking for?? Read the progress reports, look at before and after pictures, and consider how a free forum with no fees and no advertising could exist for well over a decade if it had no credibility.

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In my case Jelqing and stretching for 10-10mins turned out to be overwork so need to take a break and start again.

New member here as well saying hello. Lot’s of information here to sort through.


Lost my virginity

Welcome newuser22, zephyr, and husker91! Welcome to the club.

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If I make 30 posts then I can post in injury threads?

Hi, my name is @&#%# and I have a small penis.

Okay maybe not small (7x5) but my own insecurities have brought me here. I wouldn’t know where to begin and where to end with it. Let’s just say I believe a bigger dick will improve my self esteem and sex life and feel more confident when I’m ‘with’ my wife. I am married with kids and approaching 40. I might be going through a mid life crisis though. I have been working out a lot the past few years weights martial arts ect. Now more then ever I want it bigger. I figured an introduction would be a good first post. Just started the newbie routine for about a couple of weeks. Have already noticed more hardness and hang a little better now so I’m real excited. Been lurking here for 6 months before starting. Read too many success stories to not do anything about it anymore. Also I’m keeping it a secret from my wife for now. Oh I also have some issues keeping it hard . I have good days and bad ones and I believe it’s more mental than anything cause there’s times I wake up with one so hard it’s like I’m 19 again. Thanks

Hello everybody!

I’ve been searching about PE for some time and finally got the balls to Sign in here.
I already got some experience doing some exercises, but I am a little concerned about the frequency and the effectiveness of my set.

To be honest with you guys, I have on my computer the Matters of size program and I already took a look at it ( practising for a month). Anybody knows about MOS effectiveness? I am aware it take time to see major changes, so I gave myself 2 years and half to be committed to PE.

Currently I am on Phase 1 of MOS (6on/1off) which include: 5 Min warm up,
2 Set of stretching, 600 wet jelqs, 5 Min testicle massage and then 5 min cool down.

Guess that is all for now.

Good gains, friends!

PS:Sorry about the crappy English

Night everybody. 1 month accomplished (beginner route). Happy as hell. Religiously on my routine. Thank’s Thundersplace for all the info’s and support. Keep it warm fellows. Have nice one.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

My pictures


7x6i, more always good

Hey guys, I registered here because I decided to make something with my penis, its not so small or big its just average but I want it just bigga :D training already few days and we will se how it works.


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