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Hello! I just joined and my 1st mention is get harder erection. And who knows if I can get little bit longer dick too ;)

Hey I’ve been searching around and I can’t seem to find if I can do the newbie routine in the shower. If I can does this act as a warm up and warm down too so I don’t have to use the hot wrap?

Thanks! Can’t wait to get started

Is not ideal and anyway you should never use soap as lubricant. I think it is written in many threads. Welcome on TP.

I used vaseline.seemed to work out well in the shower. The tip is a little sore but nothing uncomfortable. And I did way less then the newbie routine cause I don’t want to injure myself.

Been lurking here a couple of years. First post though must be the silent majority in me. It does work just keep at it and enjoy

Hey I’m just starting the PE workouts hope I will see some gains =)

Welcome to the forum, all you new guys. Stick with the newbie routine and good luck!

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Long time lurker, first post!

Posted a quick intro in the newbie forum, but I guess I still haven’t lost my v until I post here.

Been lurking for about two years, and have done a bit of PE before, but nothing seriously, I have more time on my hands now though so I’m going to have another crack.

I must commend all the contributors for a very informative forum covering penis and male sexual health in general.

Any links for the lingo used around here?

Welcome to the forum . Here’s some required reading. Just about every question newbies have is here. Good luck

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First post ever.. Hi!


Damn, I wanted to know who are the chicks in the avatar of Bird2 but he has been offline since 2007. Someone know ?

Start (10/01/11): BP 15cmx 12,5cm . Re-Start (1/02/15): BPEL 17.5cm x 14.5cm BaseGirth.-----> NOW (15/05/15): BPFSL 18cm x 14.5cm BG

Goal: NPEL 19cm x 15cm Mid Girth ---------->Ultimate Goal: 20cm BPEL x 16cm Mid girth

Have been a member of this thread for almost 2 years and this is my first post, why? Because I thought that I will start PE someday until I realized that I have Phimosis and will have to take care of that first.

Will post more often and would like to hear about people who have tackled Phimosis without surgery.


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