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Hey everyone .. Been lurking here for a few days now. Ready to start the newbie routine. All of these various techniques and accessories seem pretty overwhelming. I appreciate everyone’s hard work here and enjoy reading about their experiences and advice!

I just joined. I’ve posted already. I’ve got to spend some time readying on this site! I don’t lurk :)

Hi there. Only just found this site.

Have always wanted more size and I’ve just finished reading a thread about people’s success so I feel motivated. In the last few days I’ve started jelqs and stretches.

This seems like a great site with a great group of people and I look forward to learning more and gaining more.

Hi people,I too stumbled on this site by accident, I always thought PE was a myth.Had a look round for a day,sure is a lot to take in.I’m 48 years old and been with the wife 32 years hoping to give her a bit of a surprise lol.Started stretching and going to get the gear together and start hanging.Thanks for all the info guys.

Hello All

This my first post here but I have been the information on the site for about 2 months now. Wow I didn’t realize that this was actually possible but after 2 mos and 3/8” in girth and 1/2” to 1” in length ( outside/inside the pump) I’ve become a believer. My wife was amazed at the difference. Appreciate all the great info. Thanks

Hi there, my first ever post on the forums!

I just started doing the newbie routine about 3 weeks ago.

Hey everyone, Nick here. My first post - been PEing for a couple of weeks now.

Seems to be making small gains already. :)

I’m mainly trying to gain girth at the moment, so, I’m doing a little more jelqing and less stretching then recommended.

I’ve chosen base my progress on measurements, just because I have an obsessive personality and I don’t want to be whipping out the ruler every day. Although I do know I’m a little bit over 6.5” BPEL (from previous measurement), I’ll let you know if I ever hit 7”. :D

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Good luck all you new guys, and welcome to the forum. Read lots and be careful.

:_pump: :donatecar

I’ve only been a member here for about a day after years on cheeky cherry and I have to say, the people here are a lot more friendly and intelligent. Just don’t tell that to the six or so people there. Wouldn’t want any more angry noobs posting about how they know everything after a year of pe. Yeah you only had prom what four years ago and now you’re all knowing.

Hello all!

Dang it! I was supposed to feel better!

I feel violated!! ;)

Hey all :) , first post here. I’ve been PEing for a few months and am also on another forum.

Hey everyone, looking forward to when I can get some good base measurements, pics, and start working out so I can create my own thread with pics as proof of progress.

Oh and I just had lipo done so most of my fat pad is gone.. Gotta say it’s hanging (looking) bigger already whether it’s flaccid or hard :D

Hey everyone!

Found PEGym and this site a couple days ago and have spent the last 48 hours consuming any and all information I can find. My whole life I’ve wanted a larger member but always believed the common, “there’s nothing you can do about it, it’s how you use it” etc. My main goals are girth and would love to see some flaccid gains. I am engaged to the woman of my dreams and she loves my dick but I know any gains would surprise/please her. I plan to start the newbie routine today and am extremely devoted to sticking with it. I actually find such a routine almost like meditation and look forward to attaining the perfect jelq!

Well, thanks to everyone for opening my eyes. I’m truly excited to see what I can do.


Sup everyone :]

First time poster obviously. Most of 2010 I’ve been working hard in the weight room and I’ve transformed my body, time to become hung. :D So here’s to a new journey, cheers.

Welcome, fellas. Remember to take it slow, and listen to your body.

Got nothing but time.


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