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Hey gardenparty, thank your lucky stars for a gal like that. PE really does work so keep up the effort

Hey folks, I’ve finally posted!


Hi this is my first post but I’ve been coming to this site for a year now and I love it.

Hi I’m sorta new and still trying to get the basics oh yeah and this is really my first post

Then why does it say two under posts as he rubs his beard in an evil fashion?

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." -Groucho Marx

Hey nowwww! I finally was able to register to the site!

A bit about me: 29 male USA. I tried PE about ten years ago when I found a paysite which I can’t remember the name. Starting a hybrid routine of J123 linear routine and the newbie routine found on the site.

5 min hot wrap
30 secs simple stretching in each direction
10 mins of wet jelq and overhand (most suitable with my gut, more on that in a second)
5 min hot wrap
And try to kegel throughout the day

I’m going to try counting strokes instead of time but right now I’m trying to get my duration and pace of stroke down first. I often have to take small breaks to get my cock harder during jelq, so it’s not a solid 10 minutes of wet jelq. Anyhow, I’ve gotten really overweight during my after college years, so I’ll be posting body stats along with my PE stats. PE can be difficult with a gut and “gock” in the mix :c but things will change!

I’ll post stats to my profile when I get a chance. All my notes are on the laptop and I keep finding myself reading this awesome site while relaxing on my iPhone (notice any typing errors? Well I’m on my phone!) but from what I remember is starting BPEL is 5”, I’d like to make 6” BPEL and 7” is my dream goal :P sorry, I don’t remember girth off the top of my head.

I currently weigh 316lbs and need to get to about 190lbs! So I’ll be making a point of weight loss during my future posts.

Hi, I’m following this forum since march and finally registered to be able to comment and ask questions since I started doing newbie routine two weeks ago. Wish me luck (gains) :)

Finally posting though I have lurked on this site for years.

Hey folks,

I’ve known about PE for a while but I get discouraged because my flaccid length leaves so little to work with. Stretching totally flaccid, trying to warm up with a towel, it’s just rough. Erect I’m about 5.5”, and frankly I’m happy with that. I’m mostly here to make significant flaccid gains, just for my own sense of dignity. I feel ridiculous naked.

Any help about specific routines or workarounds for this (or encouragement of any kind) would be really helpful.


Hi guys! I’ve been visiting the forums and doing PE exercises off and on for a few years now, but this is my first time posting. I’m getting back into it and am in the process of developing a routine for my particular goals. I’m not really looking to add size necessarily, as I’m pretty happy with my size but I definitely wouldn’t be upset if I saw some gains though! :-) I’m more interested in aesthetics and EQ than my measurements. My goals are:

1) I have a downward banana shaped curve (not Peyronies) and I’d like to straighten it out as much as possible, or even get a slight upward curve if possible.
2) My member points lower than 9:00 when erect (and looks even lower because of the curve) and I’d like to have my erection point higher when erect.
3) Overall EQ: I think it’s pretty good, but there’s definitely room for improvement.

There are so many knowledgeable people and great information here and I am eager to learn! I’m also here to report my results and what I find that works so people in the same boat have even more information to pull from. I’m glad to be here at Thunder’s Place! Thanks to everyone for their contribution to these forums! :-)

Evening all! Long time reader and part time meddler in the art of PE. Fantastic website and the people on here. I’ve been reading into this whole subject for years and have tried pretty much all the newbie stuff on and off for a few years, mostly off I should add.

The first step is to get back into a routine, figure out what combination of exercises need doing and when. I”ve started some trials with hanging and clamping, as well as other stretch devices but nothing on a regular basis. I tend to work it more at weekends and rarely during the week but I’m hoping to change this.

I was a bit surprised to find my apparent progress in length bit it could be down to not measuring properly before.

Hope to help at least some people along the way, and read some funny shit about peoples experiences!

Aug 2015 - BPEL 7 // EG 5.125

Goal - BPEL 7.5 // EG 5.5 Progress With Pics & Stats

Damn sig. Is this any better.

Aug 2015 - BPEL 7 // EG 5.125

Goal - BPEL 7.5 // EG 5.5 Progress With Pics & Stats

Originally Posted by gardenparty
I just joined the forum yesterday. I have been reading (lurking for a week or two). Wanted to read up and see if penis enhancement was really possible before joining. From what I have read, it is very encouraging. I have always had serious insecurity about my penis size.. Both due to being a grower and watching too much porn.

My current girlfriend has been with a lot of guys, and tells me that she has never had a better lover. She loves my cock.. Because she loves me.. And it can stay hard for hours. I am still insecure and would like to gain some length, but mostly girth.

On a side note.. My girlfriend is kind of a freak of nature.. Wondering if any of you guys have ever met a girl like this.. I have never had too much trouble getting a woman to cum (mostly because I am/was so self conscious about my cock.. That I worked extra hard to get them off before having my own pleasures).

My girlfriend (Lori) can have more orgasms than I ever thought humanly possible.. She has had 50 or so in a 2 hour session a few times.. But it is pretty standard for her to have 20-25 in a session. I have a bit of anorgasmia and struggle to cum most of the time.. Usually sex for us lasts an hour or more before I finally cum or just give up.

I know women can fake orgasms to make their man feel good.. But no one in their right mind would fake one every minute or two.. Now she holds them off.. Because when she cums she seizes up and prevents me from reaching orgasm. At first I didn’t want her to hold back.. But for God’s sake, she has about 50 to my 1.

Anyone experienced a girl like this before?

Back in the day, I knew a couple of girls that would cum and just keep cumming while I fucked them. Pretty fun, but you do start to feel like you’re missing out on most of the fun when the orgasms are so lopsided. Enjoy the ride.

Start: (Aug 2001): 6 1/2 bpel x 4 7/8 mseg

Current: (6/24/14): 7 3/4 bpel (7 nbp) x 5 5/8 mseg. BEG 6 1/4. BPFSL 8 1/8.

Goals: First: 7 1/2 bpel x 5 1/2 mseg ACHIEVED! Current Goal: 7 nbp x 5 3/4 mseg (almost there!)


I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we’re JEALOUS of you! That’s pretty much the best situation you could have. A girl like that is rare indeed, a blessing.

I have a lot to say on this subject but I’ll keep it brief. I’m a student of spirituality as well as peak performance: I want to know what the highest potential of a human being is, physically, mentally, everything. I believe we are capable of so much more, superhuman or science fiction stuff. A lot of it has to do with raw physical energy though, in terms of what you eat, as well as (as a male) how you deal with your sexual energy.

This is getting to tantra, taoism, and stuff that’s not really relevant to thunder’s place. But what I want to say to you is that, one, conserving sperm is KNOWN to massively increase physical and mental strength in males, and two, on the more esoteric side, the taoists believed that when a girl cums with you inside her (assuming you aren’t wearing a condom) she creates a “burst” of excess sexual energy, which the guy actually absorbs.

There were, and are, whole cults of taoist mystics who would basically just fuck girls into orgasmic bliss, as a way to cultivate spiritual power. It’s real. Having studied chi gung, tai chi, and all manner of internal martial arts for a long time, I’m sensitive enough that I can actually feel this “chi upgrade” when a girl cums. But man, you’re getting a huge dose. That’s amazing, and beautiful, and really powerful.

On the subject of YOUR orgasms, first of all, realize how lucky you are that you can maintain in bed for so long. Most men have the opposite problem. If you can master your emotional state and focus on a sense of gratitude that you can get to pleasure your girl to such an ABSURD degree - and that you’re actually absorbing pure life force, hundreds of times more than most guys get per session, if you can tap into that emotional state of gratitude, I guarantee you’ll be more relaxed and you’ll be able to cum.

But it gets even better than that. Guys are also able to experience multiple orgasms, “internal” orgasms. It’s a very subtle art but it’s definitely within your reach if you want to work on it. Basically what it involves is being pleasured immensely and learning to relax into that pleasure so that you feel it in your whole body. In my own practice I find that working on the whole body, rather than the penis, is a really good way to access that- especially nipples, etc. Many guys start out with nipples that aren’t very sensitive, but if you play enough they will get really activated, and then you can start to feel sexual pleasure in your whole body rather than just in your penis. A lot of prostate-stimulating ads, like aneros, are proffering basically this same experience, but you can do it without any products, it just takes your will and your intention, and more than anything a relationship to how you feel emotionally. If you can chill and relax you can cum any way you want - orgasmically, or “internally” on the energetic level.

To the forum, I’m sorry this is off-topic, but having the knowledge I couldn’t help but share it. Garden, any more on this please PM me and I’m happy to discuss it in detail as much as you’d like. I got your back brother. And god, please keep fucking the shit out of that amazing goddess of a girlfriend :) We all live vicariously through you.

First post here, started taking this forum and PE seriously just a few days ago. It sure does look like it works so I’m going to start doing the newbie routine for a couple a months and see what happens. Then I’ll probably go into clamping and other girth routines since I’m starting off with a kinda slim penis, 7.4” BPEL, ~5” MS-EG.


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