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Looking to Start, advice needed?

Looking to Start, advice needed?

Hi there :)

I am a 20 something guy looking to make some gains. A few months ago I found this and thought what a great idea. To be honest, I don’t see the stigma about it. And being around 5 inches I thought this could help my confidence and things like that.

So off I started. First I should mention I am a grower. Limp I’m pretty small. But I began anyways. Doing the newbie routine. Few questions.

When doing the stretching should you feel a “stretch”? As in when I stretch my calves or hamstring I feel the stretch, is there something similar that should be happening here?

Does anyone have any links to a jelquing guide or video for slightly smaller guys? Everyone I have seen seems to be massive.

Likewise, anyone have a link to jelquing uncircumcised? European and all that, just is not common here. I find it really hard when I have foreskin to be honest.

Is there a specific feeling that should be happening when I am jelquing?


Welcome to Thunder’s, and congrats on taking the PE plunge :) The newbie routine is great—stretches and jelqs are still something I try to do on a daily basis, for good reason.

For stretches, yes, you should feel a stretch. Starting out, you MAY feel a lot of stretch in your skin until your skins adapts, but after that, you should feel it in the tissue/internally. As an uncut dude, I think the best way to stretch is to retract your foreskin, wrap the inch behind your glans with toilet paper or cloth, grip the paper/cloth, and pull.

For jelqing, I agree that a number of videos/images available on Thunder’s were difficult to comprehend, as the dudes were huge, cut, and/or erect (!). I did a lot of research and tried wet jelqs for a while, with varying levels of success. Here is something I posted in another thread:

I wet jelqed for the first few months of my “career” and yes, as an uncut dude, it was tricky. I also had trouble staying aroused because my foreskin always covered my glans/head, which of course is where most of the sensitivity is.

Do a search for dry jelqs—they’re what I’m doing now and much easier. Since you do them with one hand, your foreskin also retracts and covers your glans, stimulating it and helping you keep a better erection level.

Dry jelqs are considered “tougher” on your penis, so you would not want to do as many, and you want them to be slow, ~5 seconds each jelq. Marinera believes 1 dry jelq is equal to 5 wet jelqs in terms of intensity, FWIW.

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Welcome to Thunder’s,

Check out the Newbie Routine, you cant really go wrong with that. I myself am fairly new to PE about a month into it now.

So wishing you all the best and good luck


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