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Starting to plan ahead. Advice needed

Starting to plan ahead. Advice needed

Well over half way through my month off. I am expecting to see a little loss form the gains made in the first 7 months, but nothing too drastic.

I want to start to plan my new routine for when I start again on 1 July, so advice and thoughts would be welcome. I don’t hang or pump - only jelq, kegel and light stretching. In the last month before this break I was doing 50-60 jelqs most days and then one “super session” (as I call it) once a week which was 10mins warm-up (IR), 700-800 jelqs, ice down, rest and then edging for 35-45 mins.

What would you do now?? I need a plan for July-Oct which will get me to my goal (see signature below)

Thoughts? Advice??

Your results suggest your previous routine was working quite well. Before I got to the end of the page and reviewed your results history, I would have suggested evening out your routines to, I don’t know, maybe 300-400 jelqs most days, instead of your weekend warrior type routine. But, results are what count and you were getting great results, so why change?

Interesting, gprent.

If I plot my results on a graph, it is clear that the best gains came in month 6 (not the 7th month) when my regime was closer to what you now suggest. In that month I did 300-400 jelq sessions 4-5 times a week. It caused some discolouration (now largely gone due to the break) but I put on a massive 0.25” in that one month (see the PE data site).

300-400 jelq sessions or jelq strokes per session?


that is 300-400 jelq stroke sessions 4-5 times/week, slyguy

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