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Lig Advice Needed

Lig Advice Needed


I have watched Thunderers for a few months now; you guys are the best source of PE information and support on the web.

I never had a reason to post before, so here is a little background that may influence what advice you give:

I have been PEing on and off for about 18 months, depending on how much free time I am getting, and have seen significant results.

I started PE pills about 4 years ago for about 4 months without PE exercises (didn’t know they existed yet) because I badly needed a confidence boost. At this time I was in the range of 6x5.25. I saw no “real” gains, but I did get longer, harder erections that made my penis seem bigger during sex.

When I started PEing 18 months ago I decided to try the pills as an added growth bonus. No complaints about this, just thought you might want to know.

I started on a standard newbie routine, and had good gains. I used the same newbie routine on and off 2-3 months at a time for the past 18 months and am now 7.5 x 5.75 erect. I flaccid stretch to over 8 in length. In general, after a long break of 3-4 months I would begin PEing, see results, and then the results would slow down and I would increase my routine with little or no results, and then give up for a few months. But when I started PEing again, I always see quick results.

The problem came when I last increased my routine in late January.
I went from a routine of: hot warm up, light stretching, 15-20 minutes of Jelq variations of 5 mins each, a girth squeeze, then warm down.
To: hot warm up, heavy stretching routine, 50 good jelqs, 2 sets of O Bends (an exercise I discovered here at Thunderers), then 50 more jelqs and another set of O Bends, then warm down.

Obviously I should have scaled up more slowly. But, my problem is this;

The lig on the top of my penis started to become sore, so I stopped PEing. I then noticed that the lig had several “thin” spots at the base of my penis, as if I had pulled the lig and caused it to thin out in places. The thin spots are of a consistent length, probably 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch, are various lengths apart, but are concentrated at the base of my penis where the lig is most pronounced.

This is my best attempt at a visual representation




Has anyone encountered this? Has it always been like this and I just didn’t notice? Is it associated with positive growth? I have been off PE for about 3 weeks now, but if I stress the lig too hard during sex/ masturbation it still feels.not necessarily sore, but kind of tight, like it should be longer. Also, there is a lot more movement in the lig than I remember there being. Any advice, on my routine, my lig, or whatever, would be awesome.

Thanks guys.

It sounds like you over-trained. My advise: Give your unit a rest until it recovers.

How the heak can you see a lig?

I'm not hot I'm cool.

Feb08 start: 7 bpel 5.8 eg. Is this big for a Filipino?

Goal: 8 nbpel 6.3 eg

It does sound like you’re working it a little hard. I would just apply some heat to it and let it rest.

START: 05/26/2014: BPEL=14 cm (5.51 in), MSEG = 13.3 cm (5.25 in)

LAST MEASURED: 11/17/2014: BPEL=15.3 cm (6.02 in), MSEG = not measured...yet

ULTIMATE GOAL: BPEL=17.8cm (7 in), MSEG = 14.6cm (5.75 in)

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