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Just stretch

Just stretch

Hi, TP.

Do you guys think that length gains can be possible off of stretching alone? I am currently in a living situation in which I simply cannot access the right amount of resources to jelq properly at a level above 60% for longer than a minute. Long story short, the place that I’m living at now only allows for stealth PE during the hours of 12am to 3am, and I have no access to porn through the computer at the place where I’m staying right now (embarrassing, I know, worse part is that I have to stay here until October), so this leaves me with a lot of time to stretch, and about maybe 20 minutes of decent jelqs that vary in erection levels from 20%~80%, the later percentage tends to subside extremely fast since I can only stimulate myself mentally.

So, yeah, what do you guys think? Should I concentrate on gains for length almost exclusively for a while? I’ve even considered buying the reduced priced penis extender offered through the discount on and wear that throughout my day under loose pants. Or, is it possible to get some girth gains with a penis that will be at roughly around 20%~35% erection level? I’m currently doing a 5min warm up, 20min of stretches, 20min of jelqs and a warm down shower. Does my situation call for more stretches and much less jelq?

All inputs are welcome! Thanks again!

Also, my BPFSL is now an slightly under 8in, but my NBPEL is only about 6.5in. Is it at all possible that stretching alone, through the use of my hands, an ADS, extenders, and weights can bring out all that hidden penis without sacrificing my 5.5 MSEG?

I personally only stretch and rarely jelq and I’ve seen at least .75” gain since I’ve been on that regimen. Only thing I can think of that will give you girth stealthily would be clamping. How well conditioned are you?

BPFSL compared to NBPEL? That’s not really too related I don’t think. My FSL is over 9 inches, I don’t see that as having any correlation to possible gains though. Gains will happen gradually, and yes, manual stretching will get you them, just maybe not as effectively as other methods. You have to work with what you’ve got. If your BPEL was 1.5 inches longer than NBPEL, then I’d be suggesting some cardio and dieting instead of PE, but if you’re just comparing it to flaccid stretch, ignore that number and just worry about keeping with your routine.

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