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Bare lig stretch-New stretch technique

Bare lig stretch-New stretch technique

Hey guys… Well, I was playing around with DLD’s stretch and the A-stretch and what not the other day, and I think I may have stumbled unto another effective stretch that primarily emphazises the ligaments…Give it a shot and see how it works for you…Here’s the procedure

1) First, grap below your dick head with either hand and stretch staight out hard and hold it.

2)Now, with your other hand, take two fingers and run them from your perinum to about half way past the beginning of your ball sac( you shouldn’t have to roll over your balls, just keep rolling them upwards w/ your fingers) pressing hard enough so that you know when you have hit your ligs (they should feel like a bundle of very taut ropes, and they are tight because you are pulling on your dick). Now that you know where the ligs are, you can pick any point on the ligs to stretch.

3)Still pulling outwards and with a specific part of your ligs decided, take your two fingers and push UPWARDS towards your torso while pulling your dick head downwards…You should feel the stretch exactly where you are pressing with your two fingers and further down the shaft. Hold for however long you thing is comfortable and apply as much downward and upward force is as comfortable.

Well guys, this is still an experimental technique so report back your experience w/ it after you’ve tried it. I’m sure you’ll like it! C-ya!


Good stuff, that’s quite a tug you can get out of it too!

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I think you’re confusing something else as your ligs. Your ligs are on the top of your peter, connecting at your pubic bone and the top/base of your weiner. TO put pressure on them, you’d need to pull down towards your feet

Originally Posted by gwinea2000
TO put pressure on them, you’d need to pull down towards your feet

That’s exactly what we’re doing… Except we are doing it by way of your two fingers…You sort of use them as an “axis of rotation” but you still pull downwards. If anybody doesn’t understand the technique, please ask…


This is a great stretch!!!!

Thanks for explaining it!

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This is how I first did my real good lig stretch when I started last week.

Playing w/ it some more, I’ve discovered that the stretch doesn’t have to be downwards…Like blasters, it can be in any direction as long as you pull with one hand in the opposiite direction of your pull with your fingers.


I don’t get it

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Originally Posted by japanaji
I don’t get it

lol, that’s REAL specific buddy…


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