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Whenever I manual stretch my glands become sore and I can't feel a stretch.

Whenever I manual stretch my glands become sore and I can't feel a stretch.

When I first started peing about two years ago stretching was a piece of cake and rarelly ever caused discomfort, now it’s totally the opposite. I can’t seen to grip my weiner in a fashion that doesnt cause a burning sensation on my head and just below it, and also it feels like no matter how hard I pull I can’t feel a stretch- except for when I pull straight down thats the only time a stretch is felt. I’m concerned because id say that I’m fairly experianced at manual stretching and wonder if my penis is just too tough to stretch or that my glands are too sensative. Has this happened to anyone else and what became of it?

Originally Posted by Ramrod
Burning, as in skin burning?

Have you tried a small piece of paper towel to improve your grip?

Yes I have. The paper towel idea actually didnt help me much and introduced discomfort of it’s own. One thing that makes me suspicious is that I’ve noticed much more extra skin on my weiner since I begun pe and it is much harder to get a solid grip as a result.

Originally Posted by Ramrod
I am not into manual stretching, but my guess is that it’s time to switch to a different mode of PE.

Like what? Pumping maybe? I actually have a BIB hanger , but permanent bruising forced me to stop hanging .

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