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JELQING and Pumping

JELQING and Pumping

Hi all! New to the forum.
Just looking for abit of help and advise, Have been dry jelqing for 10 minutes and Pumping for 30 minutes 2 days on 1 day off for around 3 months now but not seeing much happening! I’m aiming for girth more than length but anything would be a good sign!

Any help or thoughts would be great.

Welcome to the forum.

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How do you perform the jelqs (speed, pressure, EL , grip..) and how do each feel?

How do you pump (hg, continuous vacuum pressure or not)?

It may be time to add a few squeezes here and there and to jelq with more intensity.

Hi walter5169

Thanks for the reply,
I usually do 2 second jelqs overhand grip fairly firm at about 80% E/L and I see my head swell when I do them, I pump in 10 minute sets with 1 minute jelqs in between them, my pump hasn’t got a gauge so I just pump until it get a good seal, I can tell if I’ve over done it!

Ok, add a few squeezes .
Try jelqing with the soft web skin between forefinger and thumb running over the middle dorsal part of the penis, and have your fingers press on the sides (as opposed to the cs).
Each jelq should take longer imo, have a look at this tntjockey - New Jelq City!.

You could try to do 5 mn of jelqing x 3 with squeezes in between sets, or kegel with an overhand grip half tightened at the base (tighten it after the kegel so blood successfully inflates the penis), squeeze for a while (feel the bulge of blood pushing above your grip against it), and then proceed to a very slow jelq, then repeat.

As for the pump, it’s a bit annoying to not be able to monitor pressure. Is there any specific reason you are using a pump?

Do you warm up thoroughly before the session? Quite a few say it could help one gain.

To summarize my disorganized post I will say you need to ramp up the intensity in terms of manual work.

Yeah ok thanks for that I’ll give it a go, Warming up is sometimes done!! Depends on how much time I have, as for the pump I use it because it’s the only thing that will increase the thickness of my Penis for a short while even tho it’s temp but it makes you think it’s doing something good, maybe I’m wrong? Do you think I’m better to forget the pump and spend the time on manual? Thanks again for your time.

Very few guys have made solid gains from pumping , but I would not go as far as say you need to ditch the pump (except for its lack of gauge).

I would not rely on pumping to make gains, but you could use it as a work out enhancer rather than make it the core of your routine.

Have your erections , morning wood and flaccid size changed in the last 3 months?

Is there a lot of fluid build up at the end of the session? Is the penis spongy?

How do you know whether you’ve pumped too much or not?

Um.I wouldn’t say there’s been a big change in erection quality because I’ve never really had an issue but I do seem to get more of them throughout the day!! My flaccid has definitely changed tho to almost like a soft semi

The Pumping, well I know if I’ve over done it because I would get alot of fluid build up and always red dots is another sign that makes me think the pressure was to high

Do you think dry jelqs and squeezes are best for girth or should I try wet jelqs? I did find I got more fluid build up with wet jelqs tho. I’m currently 5 EG so I’m looking for the best thing to increase it.

I’m not sure if anyone can be assertive on wet jelqs being inferior or superior to dry jelqs. When the session is great I prefer dry jelqs, but you need to keep that bulge of blood waving forward with ease during each rep. Wet jelqs allow you to do double handed jelqs (advanced) , girth blasters or anything related to those.

In theory I don’t see why wet jelqs would be different from dry jelqs.

The signs you describe are positive, so increase the intensity of your routine.

Seeing you are getting positive PI’s with increased erections throughout the day, then you are on track for gains. Some gain slower or faster than others. PE is a game of patience. I think in the term of years, not months to reach my ultimate goal. I’m going to get older anyway and I enjoy PE so why not?!

I’d also add to Walter’s solid advice by saying you need to add heat somehow to your regimen. Either with a rice sock, warm washcloth, or even a heated pad wrapped around your tube. Also, save some cash and get a better quality pump with a gauge. My opinion is to stay away from Bathmate and do some research. Pay attention to your PI’s, add heat, buy quality, continue to research here on this site, and be patient!

“If you aren’t gaining you have to look at what is going on, get your head out of the sand and look at what you are doing. If you dick is a bit plumper after PE but it isn’t at least heading towards sore, you’re masturbating! The game here is PE and PE is about creating controlled trauma".


Thankyou both for your advise, it’s really good to hear that you think I’m on my way to seeing some change, I think I’ll do more to the jelqing and squeezing side of things and lay off the pump and see what happens!! Hopefully I’ll soon be able to tell you I’ve gained!!

Thanks again.

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