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Better to end with pumping or jelqing?

Better to end with pumping or jelqing?

I’m just wondering whether I should be ending my PE session with pumping or jelqing.

Right now I do a set of pumping, then some dry jelqing, then some more pumping, and I end it there. My penis seems to look more worked out after the jelqing session rather than after the pumping session though.

Any ideas?


I like to end up with a pump session; only because it looks good coming out of the tube. If you are more pumped after jelking last, do that.

How about you other guys?



I do them both at the same time. 10 minute pump per 100, 80-90% jelq. I would spice it up and sometimes end a set like that alternating the final touch, be it pump or jelq.

I was jelqing last, but I just started adding a 10 minute pump at the end of my routine. I am hoping that the extra blood in the expanded state will help the healing process along.

This very week I started doing my pump session after my jelq session. Seemed logical, to me, that since I was already expanded and fatigued from jelqing and squeezes that pumping afterwards might work better on expansion then. Took a girth measurement after my workout and it’s the largest I’ve been (5.5”, I’m normally (this month at least) 5 and 3/8” after a workout). But I’ve only been doing it in this order for a few days so I can’t say if this is good/bad/working yet or not. I’m planning, as long as nothing bad occurs, to do this for the next month and see what happens. And if it pans out to continue this order.

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Hey, thanks for the replies guys.

I think I’m gonna end with a pump and then do a quick 2 minute dry jelq after that just to make sure I’m fully pumped after my routine.

I just have one more question though. Should I be doing hot wraps between pump sets? I usually do I pumping set, then some jelqs. After these jelqs my penis looks really really pumped, but then I do this hot wrap my penis seems to go right back to normal flacid state. I do go back in the tube after this for re-expansion though.

I do wrap my tube with a heating pad though, so my penis is already semi-hot after the pump session. I just do the wrap to make sure I’m really really hot before I go back in.

Since the hot wrap seems to send my penis back to its normal flacid state after pumping should I just cancel it and keep pumping?

Any thoughts? Avocet?

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