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Pumping before ever Jelqing?

Pumping before ever Jelqing?

Quick synopsis:

Injured myself September of last year with an overzealous jelqing routine (technique was off, too many reps, standard newbie routine too much for my sensitive unit—shoulda gone w/ Linear Routine). After 6 months of no PE I still get shooting pains (though now less intense) hours after ejaculation. I know the jelqs did this because the first instances of this pain were during a jelqing session.
I plan to re-start PE in August, which will be 11 months post injury.

My problem: I’m afraid to jelq again. This injury has set me back so long (it will have been 11 months of no PE and no gains once I re-start PE). If I were to restart with a much more conservative jelqing routine, part of me tells me I’ll be just fine in the lower reps. But another part of me worries that I might just re-inflame this injury and prolong gains even more.

My question: - do you pumpers feel that jumping right into LIGHT pumping (seriously, like 2-3 hg max for maybe a minute once every 3 days to start - sensitive unit here) before ‘breaking my unit in’ with jelqing is a bad thing necessarily? I ask because the consensus is that you want to break yourself in with manual exercises for the first few months, both to get your dick used to PE and also to get as many gains as you can from the least work possible. But I’ve come to accept that jelqs just might not be for me, at least not for now until another year or two has passed and this injury has healed for good. Has anyone here jumped straight into pumping before ever trying jelqs, and if so, have you seen good gains? I wanna see if any pumping vets feel this would be a safe and effective workaround for me (@ 4.5” mseg I could really use some girth).

PE history: 3 months of newbie routine and then injury. Number of jelqs was too high and I should have done the linear routine OR gone even less reps than that and slowly built up.

My plan: Wait till August, start a light manual stretch routine and after 3-4 months, mix in some very light pumping. Then after 6 months or so finally re-incorporate the jelq into my routine.

I’m aware that this is a hard question to definitively answer, as everyone reacts differently to PE. But I just thought I’d throw my plan out there and see if anyone had some advice, tips, encouragement or discouragement. Thoughts? Questions?
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I don’t see why you shouldn’t since the force levels from a pump are completely under control and can be as low as you like.

As long as you’re sensible it should be very safe.

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