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Jelqing and pumping

Jelqing and pumping

I know that jelqing is recommended along side a pumping routine, but at what level of intensity should the jelqing be?

- Low?

- Mid-range?

- Higher, or more intense?

I know that lower erection level jelqing is (in theory) geared toward more length/less girth increases, and that higher erection level jelqing is geared toward more girth/less length gains. And I know that that focus will be determined by the particular PE’ers goals.

What I meant was should the jelqing be toned down a bit since pumping is already having an effect on the penis, and (in theory) it has already been worked somewhat, so the jelqing should be less intense so as not to trip into over-training?

Your last sentence is correct. Let the pump do the work and just do a low to mid-range jelq to restore oxygenated blood to the penis.

Originally Posted by gprent
Your last sentence is correct. Let the pump do the work and just do a low to mid-range jelq to restore oxygenated blood to the penis.

Thanks gp, that is pretty much what I thought.

Few hours after a pump session a regular jelq is also feasible.

Perseverance wins

Has jelqing been around for 25 years? It seems that long. Way back when Tom Hubbard started it all—jelqing was king. Now until lately, jelqing started the routine—it begin to stretch the sleeping tissue and liven-up the capillaries, Follow that 10 minutes or so, Monkey Bar’s Auto-Extender was used for an hour, then pumping followed for an hour. This combination made a constant gain in girth and length. I don’t thing jelqing after a pumping session is beneficial—maybe for some. Anyway, perhaps jelqing should have a place in almost everyone’s routine.

I think jelqing has been around since the dawn of man.

I think jelqing between sets is a great way to get blood circulating again. The intensity will be less since pumping is the main focus here but light jelqs shouldnt be left out completely. I add light jelqs in with my pumping/clamping routine, it helps get color back in my unit and helps get new blood in there along with some helicopter spins.

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I like something that like this:

(10min Jelq + 10min Pump + 10min J + 10min P + 10min J + 10min P + 10min J) = 1hr 10min set

Milking the tube is also great for oxygenating blood-flow and maintaining a hard erection.

Or even 5min intervals

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