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Pumping and Jelqing Question


Pumping and Jelqing Question

Most of the pumping routines I see are a combination of pumping and jelqing

I was just wondering is the jelqing necessary for growth? Because I am having trouble with
Excess foreskin, would it be ok to just do manual stretches and pumping?

Or is jelqing a must for length gains?

If I decide to stop jelqing doesn’t mean I will not massage my penis after every pump session just no
Jelq strokes

And another thing when I pump people describe the feeling as a feeling of pleasure but I just find
It like an artificial erection? Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

And to me even pumping at only 2hg seems like quite a bit of strain on my unit?

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I was told here to jelq between sets.

And I can say that I am seeing gains.

I only do 20 maybe 25 with my power jelqer,

then back in the tube I go.

I havent felt any pleasureable sensation either, but maybe to some people a suction on there dick feels good.

And if 2 hg is your limit, then listen to your dick and dont go over it.

Maybe later as you get conditioned you can up it a little.

Hope this helps some.

I ony pump but would like to know what and how to jelqe

although I have gotten bigger just by pumping 1.5 inches in three months to be exacted

I would like to add some more routines to my cessions


No one routine fits everyone and no one routine lasts forever. If jelqing doesn’t seem right for you, don’t do it just now, but don’t totally forget about it either.

If pumping at 2”hg is doing it for you, that is great. I have been pumping a long time and used to pump at high pressures, but the more I pump, the better I find the lasting results to be from low pressure pumping. Right now, I am flipping out with fantastic results at 4”hg and even there I vary the pressure up and down during my routine.

For lasting results, it is much better to go for longer times at lower pressures, so instead of always thinking about adding more pressure, do start adding more time. Also, I know the feeling of an artificial erection, but try to keep a natural erection as you pump. The more you can do this, the better the result. To stay hard while pumping, I look at porn, wrap the tube in a heat pad, and also hold a vibrator against the tube.

It all depends on your tissue response.

For some, pumping is enough to cause growth.

Some, with tougher tissues, may need a little extra force to get it going…in which case, jelquing does the trick.

All in all, as Gprent says, I believe the lower the forces you can get gains with, the better.

Lower forces cause far less fibrotic changes which in turn allow much longer sustained gains.

Gprent…what are you seeing at 4 in hg?

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Gprent…what are you seeing at 4 in hg?

I pump to a max of 4”hg for 50 minutes to an hour everyday. During that routine, I vary the pressure a lot. Sometimes hold it steady and sometimes cycle it up and down, but never stay at one pressure for longer then 5 minutes. I concentrate an maintaining an erection even when reducing the pressure to zero.

My results have been phenomenal. Long time discoloration from previous “bad” habits has all but disappeared. After pumping results last until the next day. As a result, flaccid hang is even a turn on. Erections and sensation are fantastic. I wake up every morning with a huge erection.

To sum it up, I am never going back to high pressure pumping. For now, 4”hg is my limit and the gains are really starting to kick into gear. The trick to pumping is low pressure for a long time, or time at size.


I’m really starting to be CONVINCED that low forces, long duration ARE the answer!

I think it is stimulating growth, with possibly a SLIGHT mild expansive stretch, but not enough to cause a toughening reaction.

I further think about a minimum of about 20-30 fairly continuous minutes are needed to cause the growth response.

I think there is a point where it is TOO much time, but that would be determined by negative PIs like loss of erectile quality and shrinkage.

If you go too high in forces, damage is caused, which sets off an entirely different mechanism that leads to a survival reaction…toughening of the tissues.

This will lead to rapid slowing and stopping of gains…which then cause most guys to up the forces.

I really think expansive creep does occur at lower forces, without toughening, and also stimulates growth.

I think of it as the “sweet spot” of pe.

I think the next best thing to finding the sweet spot is to use short term modest forces for tissue expansion and follow with low force, long term (30-60 minutes) to hold it at that level and stimulate growth.

I think the key is that post pe contraction doesn’t last long, and its followed by normal flaccid…followed by longer than normal flaccid…all in the same day, in less than several hour period.

I think if you are contracted most of the day following your PE…its too much force!

I think this could be done with any form of PE…its just pumping and hanging gives us a definite range of force to report and for others to follow.

Telling manual stretchers and jelquers to do easy, moderate or hard is really meaningless as far as them being able to accurately reproduce what we are suggesting.

I think the pumpers are leading the way in getting gains with low force long duration, and I suspect hangers will start to follow suit.

I have been getting outstanding results with 1 set of 8 minutes at 7.5 lbs of vacuum hanging, followed by 30 minutes of 2 pe wts…followed by 60 minutes of 1 pe wt.

These are very modest forces, but my unit has never been toughened by large forces.

I think the trick is to hit that time requirement of a minimum of 30 minutes, while hitting the sweet spot of mild tissue stretching with little to no damage.

That, I believe is the key to SUSTAINED growth, and penile health.

I think if you go too LOW, you won’t get increase of size, but you will have all the other postive PI’s.

I think you could kagal all day and wear 1 pe wt 24/7 and not get any bigger. Like I said…just enough to get mild stretching without tissue damage.

Gprent, let us know if you see real growth from this.

I’m thinking about starting a thread called, ” I started to gain when I used ? force and time?”

I think if we can get some ranges for wts and vacuums like…most guys start to see gains at 3 in hg…or most hangers start to see gains at 7.5 lbs.

I think if we can get these ranges down, we will move forward!

The biggest mistake most guys make is thinking that if a little is good, then a lot must be very good. All this does is lead to trauma and or toughening from pumping at too high pressures, hanging with much too much weight, jelqing with too much force or clamping to extremes.

Trauma and discoloration just lead to shrinkage, stalled results and erection difficulties.

The hardest thing to practice in PE is stick with the least amount that gets you results. Then stay as patient as hell.

Thanks for the quick reply all,

Will probably stop jelqing for a while and see how it turns out, and since I am still a pumping newbie

Would going over 10minutes a day be too much? As you said longer and low hg is quite good, or
Should I just ease into it,

I have only been doing it for the last 3 days and haven’t really felt an erection quality increase
Does this take a little time? Like a couple weeks or so before I might notice improvement?

Waiting in the queue for the 8 Inch Club

It’s different for different people. I started noticing better erections 5-7 days after I started pumping. As far as the 10 minutes a day, give it until you’ve been pumping for a week, then gradually increase your time. Just above all listen to your body. If it starts screaming that you’re going too hard, back down on your time or your Hg. I’m not a pumping guru but that’s what I’ve been hearing and what I’ve experienced.


For the rest of the week, spend the first 5 minutes at 2”hg and then spend the next 5 minutes at 3”hg.

Next week go 5 minutes at 2”hg and then 10 minutes at 3”hg. But every 5 minutes, relax the pressure back to the post for 30 seconds and then pump up again slowly.


I agree with what you said about minimal force on all exercises.
But I thought clamping was supposed to be as maxed as you can, that was the purpose of it.
Am I wrong on this.
I mostly pump low then clamp high as one full set.
I do mix it up here and there though.
But do you think thats not smart.
I am seeing gains, but if you know something I havent found out yet please tell me.

Clamping does not have to be maxed out. You can clamp lightly, moderately or very tightly and feel like you are going to blow a gasket, and probably will. I would suggest backing off your clamping from the strangulation mode.

I wrote a thread on just this subject;

Understanding force thresholds for growth

The summation is that if you use high force methods coupled with low force methods…exactly like high pressure clamping and pumping…you will totally negate your pumping results.

High pressure clamping will so rapidly toughen your tunica that the low to moderate forces of pumping will do nothing but maybe improve your blood supply in your penis.

Much more effective combination would be low vacuum pumping and mild constriction for extended duration.

For example, low vacuum pump for 30 minutes, follow with thera-p tight enough to keep a 50% erection for another 60 minutes.

If you have been clamping for a while, I recommend a decon break if you want length to go with that girth.

If you like the clamp, then follow Gprents advice and LIGHTLY clamp instead of the thera-p or some other soft constrictor.

Avoid toughening the tunica and you can have both a HEALTHY dick AND a big one!

Originally Posted by NelsonNelson
I ony pump but would like to know what and how to jelqe

although I have gotten bigger just by pumping 1.5 inches in three months to be exacted

I would like to add some more routines to my cessions


Never mind I read about jelqe and pumping is better, but I am going to come up with a way to jelqe with weights; I have the idea in my head that I think it will work perfectly

Started 6.5 got up to 8 by pumping alone.

Love giving girls squirting orgasms by G-Spot Stimulation and or Clitoral Stimulation.

That is the bottom line because Stone Cold says so.

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