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jelqing and big hands

jelqing and big hands

I have a problem where I find it hard to get a consisten amount of “pressure” per stroke when jelqing. Sometimes I can feel the blood being forced down. Other times, not really. I think this is cos my hands are big (my unit is 6 inches long, 4 3/4 wide at the mid-point). Is there any way around this. I am also uncut which makes jelqing awkward too.

I kind of had this problem, especially with my left hand, my wrist there isn’t as flexible.

Do you jelq overhand (palms down) or underhand (palms up)?

I have found that overhand jelqing gives me a better grasp.

I’ve tried both ways but overhand is awkward because I am uncut. This means as I jelq loads of skin gets pushed up towards the head and this definitely lowers pressure on the penis.

Jelqing has given me an amount of extra skin. I find it useful, at the end of each stroke to hold around the head and pull the skin back and then start from there with the new stroke.

That is pretty much what I do although overhand still doesnt work properly. I guess I’m gonna have to accept jelqing with big hands is a problem i cant resolve:(

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