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I have a big purple patch spot appeared during jelqing

I have a big purple patch spot appeared during jelqing

I often in the past have had this appear. Today it’s really bad, really stands out and is dark purple. It’s always in the exact same spot. I noticed it after about 30 jelq’s and continued to 200 and did some horse squeezes for the first time. I’m trying to do a full normal routine instead of newbie. Anyway I did 3on1 off then I did 1day and had to take one off straight after due to privacy reasons and today is when I got the purple patch. I didn’t get it during the 3on and previously through months it barely ever appears. Any advise or know the cause of it? I think that particular skin is alittle dry usually anyway. I don’t have any real skin conditions. But when having a bath my skin does go abit patchy, with red bits splotchs sorta and I’m thinking that my dick went the same and the jelqing didn’t help? I’ve uploaded a pic which should appear when a mod allows it.. Sorry it’s like an extreme close up. It wouldn’t let me upload one of everything so this is just an way to get an idea of what the patch is like.

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Don’t worry too much, something similar happened to me and I was frightened but it disappeared in 2 days, just don’t jelq that hard or that much, anyway I’m still a newbie so wait for a vet or look at the injures thread.

I just had some of these spots appear as well. One is the size of a grain of rice and there a a few smaller ones all about midway up the shaft. Should we not jelq at all until they disappear? Just lighten up the routine?

I think you guys are getting too much blood in your veins while you have pressure in your penises. If you can feel the veininess in your penis, you probably have a weird grip on your unit. Your penis is kind of like a balloon in that if you stretch it while it is relatively flaccid, it will be bigger when full. However, if you stretch a balloon that is full, you’ll probably pop it. In this case, you’re popping your blood vessels or capillaries. It can be be harmless sometimes, or it might be a thrombosed vein one day or worse. You really have to pay attention to the cues your body gives you. The most obvious thing is to put as much pressure as is comfortable without causing any pain… If you feel pain it does not matter if you can tolerate it, it is a signal that you are doing something wrong. Also, pay attention to your PI’s. After a workout your penis should always hang bigger and fuller than before. If this isn’t happening, you are exhausting your penis to the point where it is most certainly counter-productive. Imagine hitting your penis with a hammer— you’ve given it a real good beating but do you think you’ll gain length or girth? Heck no. PE is a form of penis massage, not brutal penis beating. Be good to yourselves.


Thanks for putting it into perspective, I’ll take it much slower. But will stretching and/or kegals hinder the healing process or can I still continue that part of the routine?

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