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Big Dark Purple Knot, after jelqing.

Big Dark Purple Knot, after jelqing.

Hi, I am in my 15 day of jelqing and this is the first time i see something like that, so i am pretty scared.

I was jelqing (about 60% errection), with very tight grip (i still, can’t limit ALL the blood flow with my grip) and at some point near the end, i checked the part that is under my shaft on my penis and i saw an almost black pimplie. I got scared and stopped.

At start it felt hard and was around 3 milimetres in diameter, now (after 1 hour) it is around 5 milimetres diameter, less hard on the touch and almost black in the colour. It is exactly in the middle of the part of the saft facing down. It is not really hurting, except when i put preasure on it. But yet, it is the ungliest think I have ever seen.

What do you think it is ?
What do you think i should do ?

I am sorry if i didn’t give enough details for you to help me, but I am pretty nervous right now. Please, ask me to describe whatever you need so you can maybe tell me what to do.



Sounds like you burst a capillary or small vein. The usual advice for an injury of this type is to take a few days off from your PE exercises and let it heal. If you continue it will only get worse. Leave your dick alone for three days and see if it looks better then.

Take a few days off.

The injury is on the skin covering the corpus spongiosum area. I thought it had something to do with that, because during jelqing it receives really strong preasure when i am reaching the head.

Anyway, I have been waiting for some answer to come, because it is the first injury I couldn’t find anything related, so when it happened i thought i did something really bad to my penis.

I have been warming it up, every 40 minutes and it looks as if the blood has spread more but it is less dark in colour.

Bursting a capillary or a small vein is irreversible ?

Thanks for your reply.

Stop playing with it till it clears up.

Next time go a little softer until your dick gets used to the pressure.

Okay, almost after a week, any indication of discoloration is gone and it seems perfectly healthy. All I did was warming it and stay away from PE.

(I guessed I should post this, so if anyone sees the topic later he might want to see how it went)

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