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If your already big 7.7 inches can you still get turkey neck from jelqing?

If your already big 7.7 inches can you still get turkey neck from jelqing?

I jelqed for 3 weeks and i stopped on the 4th. But from hearing people stories on here about turkey neck it made me quit.Im thinking about starting back,because i got some girth.I have a natural turkey neck already but its just slightly.not bad at all. My belief is that if youre already above average in penis size you wont get turkey neck. Cause if you think about it,someone that starts jelqing with a small penis,its already close to their ball sack anyway.Plus i jelq with my boxer briefs on.

Make any sense?So my question is since i started jelqing at 7.7 inches do you think i will get a turkey neck? And since i gained girth will it stay permanently or will i lose gains since i stopped jelqing all together?

I imagine it’s still possible to get a turkey neck. Don’t worry about it too much. If it starts to show up then just work on stretching the shaft skin so the scrotum won’t get pulled up onto the shaft with an erection.

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I think its certainly possible at any size.

When you make length gains it starts to pull that loose skin with it. That pull can cause the turkey neck. If youre still interested in making gains, I wouldnt let the threat of turkey neck stop you. Just work on performing jelqs correctly to minimize or prevent it or actively stretch the skin to correct it.

So even though I believe it can occur at any size, it is both preventable and correctable.

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