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Big veins hurt, get in the way while jelqing.

Big veins hurt, get in the way while jelqing.

I’m a newbie back on the newbie routine for 4days now. I did 2 days on 1 off and tonight was my 4th time. I have 2 big veins on the top left side of my shaft and every jelq really hurt. I loosened my grip but I feel like I’m not forcing the blood with the loose grip. What can I do about this? I tried switching hands to avoid the veins, but they get in the way either way. Thanks

You could always change the way you grip you penis. If you are doing overhand try underhand or change the angle of you hand and see if thats any better.

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Do you have any pain when masterbating? If not then you are overdoing the pressure with your hands.

Cut right back on the pressure until you don’t feel pain and then after a week or two increase the pressure very slightly. But always keep inside the pain threshold.

It really is a case if you experience pain at very low levels; then jelqing is not for you, and it might be worth considering something like pumping.

But give the low level pressure a try and keep us posted on how you react to that.

Hope that helps.


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I always use this rule, Pain is bad, there is nothing wrong with a light grip and for me it is key.

If I am 50 percent erect I use a moderate grip.
If I am 80-100% erect I use a very light grip.
If I am 10-25 percent grip I use a tight grip.

Erection levels and grip pressure are overlooked a lot of the time, I have tried to master this with my routine, when my erection level changes then so does my grip strength.

This makes for a very good workout.

How does this answer your question?

It’s telling you to ease up on the grip, Id wait one week with no PE and 25 min warm baths daily.

Then start noob routine over with 10 min bath warm ups before, this relaxes all the tissue on the shaft, and if you go too hard by mistake, chances are the warm up will have helped the tissue and veins relax so it might not be affected so much.

Most important with my routine, is always have a 5 min hot bath after the routine is complete. ‘This also builds a relaxing atmos for the unit and minimises injury’s.

This is only my opinion, but I have had success and injury so I think it’s valuable information.

Good luck

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