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Is this normal

Is this normal

I started jelqing about three weeks ago and have noticed some irrational around the base. I recognize that there are hair follicles that have grown out around the base and these are becoming very sore. Am I doing something wrong or too hard ?? Also Is is normal to experience this redness and soreness around the base of the shaft?? Thanks guys your help is appreciated. I don’t want to quit just yet but I’m not sure if I’m doing it correctly and if I’m being safe about it.

Sounds like you just need to use more, or better, lube. I get irritated when I don’t use enough lube. Friction is a pain. :)


I shave my dick shaft so it doesn’t get cut or itchy. I just trim the bush around though.

Pluck Pluck Pluck.

That’s what I do and my wife absolutely LUVS the way it looks and feels.

It hurts like a bugger the first time but it is easy up-keep.

One more tip-don’t try to pluckit all at once. Do it a bit every day till you get it where you want it. You will be very happy with the results.

Hope this helps.

Do good things.


Hey V, has it grown back any thinner since you started plucking?

I tend to shave mine because there’s just so much of it - not so much it looks that bad when not shaved, but enough for me to think “to hell with plucking!”. But I have also been thinking about doing a little bit each day like you said.

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Yeah, the hairs are much skinnier when they grow back and don’t hurt nearly as much to pull them. I will tell you that it can bring tears to your eyes to pull some of them. It still is worth it though. So smooth and clean looking and it lasts a long time as well.


One time I tweezed my entire ball sack. I think I was drunk that night. Actually it did not hurt at all. Took some time though. My wife just loved it. I got plenty of head that month! It was nice and smooth and comfortable.

I think I’ll do that again soon.


V, what on Earth were you drinking that night? If I tried that I’d pass out from the pain! I also find if I pluck hairs other than those on my shaft a large piece of skin gets left around the root of the hair and the follicles bleed (So I could also pass out from blood loss!)

I’ve shaved my nut sack before and it feels clean and nice and sensitive. But when the hairs grow back the itching is unbearable.

Getting back to the original question, Lundworks, I also suffer from these problems with hair follicles around the base of my shaft, I think it’s down to the repeated pulling action jelqing can have on these hairs. I guess more lube or removing the hairs will solve the problem.

Wow! I must be a pretty lucky dude. I really don’t have a tremendous amount of hair on my body. I hardy have any on my chest either. But I do have a head full of hair though!

BTW, I like to drink Seagrams 7. Strait with no ice. HMMMMM Then, talk about a boner!!!!


I’m with V on this one. I trim the hairs around the base and on the fat pad but I pluck the shaft, and, if I am feeling spicey, the sack too. I’ve gotten to the point where it really just doesn’t hurt anymore. The hairs alway come back super thin and easier to pull. My wife loves it because it is so smooth. You can’t shave as close as you can pluck I don’t care how well you shave. Even if you shave baby bottom smooth, in two days you have some sort of stubble coming back. With plucking it takes weeks to grow again, and I don’t have to do it every day to fell smooth.

ScottAid if you are getting skin with the hair you are doing it wrong. You have to pull the hair with the growth direction so you don’t do that. It makes it much more bareable as well.


Okay, it’s easy enough to find the direction of growth on the shaft and around the base, they all go the same direction, but on my balls they seem to be all over the place, I actually thought they went straight out. How do I tell the direction of growth there?

I assume plucking eliminates the itching.

I need to stretch the skin tight when I pluck the sack. When you do that you can tell how it is growing.

Yes, no itching with plucking.


Thanks guys, beleive me it’s a relief to find out that it’s proboably just irratation.Ill try to use more lube but for you guys that are plucking you gotta be crazy thats takes courage or as Vincent says A whole lota Seagrams straight up. Good luck an thanks again.

One thing I’ve noticed about plucking my shaft is that it takes a looong while to grow back. I plucked my shaft about three weeks ago and it hasn’t grown back at all yet. If you can bear with the pain, the results are great and you and your woman will love it!

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