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Is it considered normal to get very veiny during jelqs?

Is it considered normal to get very veiny during jelqs?

So I’ve been doing the newbie routine for a week and so far I’ve had a 0.2 gain in BPEL. I’m still trying to get the whole wet jelq routine to work. So far the problems I’ve encountered are: I can’t seem to stick to the 3-second cycle. Does make a difference if someone jelqs faster?

And is it normal that the penis gets very veiny during the jelq? I mean, I’m circumcised, so it is even more obvious. It looks like the thing is about to explode even though I’m not fully erect. The veins subside only after the wrap at the end of the sessions. Am I missing something or is this considered normal?

Speed will not enhance your gains, slow and steady wins the race. The two primary arteries that are responsible for the inlet of blood to engorge your unit will become more noticeable, as well as your entire vascular system supplying the penis due to PE activities. It is a natural phenomenon not unlike grabbing the end of a balloon and experiencing expansion to the other end. You have to increase the size of your pipes to allow more blood and thereby creating greater expansion i.e. girth.

Yes, what Tomba said was absolutely correct! Speed is not the way to go, slow and smooth, just like bodybuilding.

Also to add, it’s also advantageous to use slow strokes due to the fact, the faster you go, the more susceptible you are to injury! If your going slow, you can feel the pain coming on with more warning and can stop what you are doing.

Yep, it’s very normal to get veiny during jelqs, remember you’re applying pressure and not letting the blood to flow back to the base because of the jelq motion.

About the 3-sec stroke that depends, I have never been doing 3-sec stroke and I got good gains anyway. Just try to do slow strokes, don’t have to be 3-sec. Sometimes you can do fast strokes with less pressure if you want. But it seems the slow strokes are more reliable.


As a relative newby, a three second stroke is what I’ve been using. I sometimes even hold it a second before I get to the head, just to feel the pressure. That said, I sometimes do a fast jelq to get some blood there to begin with.

and just to echo everyone else, yes, I’ve always got veiny.

Thanks for the prompt replies. So I guess I’m right on track then. Nothing to worry about. I’ll try to slow down and see if I can get a slower, more natural rhythm. I’m not really trying to go for speed; it’s just for some reason with the Vaseline and my own rhythm I sort of got into this one-second-per stroke rhythm. I was just wondering if would make me more susceptible to injury, which I guess it would.

I guess I’m just horrible at multi-tasking: Jelq, watch the clock, count strokes, watch pressure, watch gland. I guess it takes awhile to get the hand of it. :)

It seems the hardness of your erection dictates the speed of the stroke. When I first start from the hardest erection point I go very slow. Then as the erection subsides I tend to have a faster and more of a pulling action.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Yes, that’s true. I was aiming for a 60% erection because the veins really scared me and I guess that’s why I got the faster, stretch-like motion. I did make gains, so it can’t be wrong, just a bit more prone to potential injury.

Not a bad gain for only a week. Keep it up, but keep it safe too!

I will do that. :)

Hey Bigga. I’m still fairly new to PE too. I had the same problem with jelquing. Until I decided to forget about watching the clock and counting the seconds. My best advice for you which isn’t much, forget about the clock. Just go as slow as you can without thinking about it and have a timer set for say 5-10 minutes to let you know your time is up. The workout goes better. Trust me.

Thanks for the advice. Yes, I actually tried it and it works “great”! :)

I think getting the rhythm right is more important than doing exactly 100 per set.

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