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Foreskin getting plump after strong PE session. normal?

Foreskin getting plump after strong PE session. normal?

I posted this question in another PE related forum, but wanted a 2nd opinion.

I am uncut, but I did a strong pe session tonight,here is my routine

5 min hot wrap
good 5 min of stretching all directions
probaby 100 wet jelqs
probably 50 dry jelqs
probably 5 good 15 second holds
some bends
5 min hot wrap cool down

and then I noticed that my foreskin was looking plump. Not crazy plump like you see those pumpers do, but much more pump then i have EVER had it.

Is this normal from a good round of PE for someone uncut?

I was working myself good with wet jelqs and they were getting my head pretty big and I think this technique was the culprit.

Is this normal? Since I have never been this plump, swollen before, its different and when I push on the side of the plumpness, I don’t think its fluid filled (like a blister).

What are your thoughts.


p.s. If this is normal, does getting a plump or pumped forskin and head help with gains faster?

I don’t think it will help you with gains, but the plump foreskin is normal. It is just fluid build up. Nothing to worry about.

Did you notice when the plumpness occurred? Maybe you could exclude something from your routine if you think the plumpness is unpleasant. I haven’t noticed anything like that during stretching or jelqing so my guess is that the holds or the bends are causing it. Anyway fluid buildup is not permanent so you don’t have to worry.

Actually, I didn’t mind the plumpness. It was kinda cool. It was new to me.


I’m cut, but the good doctor left me plenty of foreskin. All of that skin gets “plump” along with the rest of my penis after a heavy workout.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Normal and makes for a better flaccid. This comes in handy for doctor visits, locker rooms, swimming, etc.

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