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Is this a good workout opinions plz


Is this a good workout opinions plz

5mins hot wrap
10 mins jelq (length)
15 mins stretching (3mins/5 directions)
10 mins jelq (girth)
10 mins orange bends (search if you unsure wat these are)
5mins hot wrap

Wat you guyz think?

Why do you say it is too much?

Because I think it is too much for someone just starting out. Rookies don’t need to be doing exotic bends and shit. Too easy to get hurt. Slow and simple until you get some time in, then you can add and experiment.

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Cheers for the comments, what would you suggest instead of what I have said then?

But I’m not technically a “newbie” I did PE for about 2-3 month last year, so I know what I’m doing, which is why I came up with this routine. Cheers

Why is that some people ask for opinions then shoot them down when they get them. Dude, you asked for opinions and got one from one of the most experienced people here (recognize the name? you might have seen it before, in big blue letters AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE!) If you don’t want to take advice, don’t ask for it.


I asked for opinions, which I got, I didn’t shoot anyone down, I didn’t disrespect anyone, I know who thunder is, explain to me where I shot him down!

Originally Posted by slackjawedyokel
But I’m not technically a “newbie” I did PE for about 2-3 month last year, so I know what I’m doing, which is why I came up with this routine. Cheers

If you only did it for a short period, then took a long break, you my friend are a newbie. Even experienced Veterans need to work back into it with easier routines when they start back up.

“…so I know what I’m doing,”

This is what was rude. If you know what you’re doing, then why ask? It was disrespectful, so just admit it and you might be able to get some help still.

I agree with mlmagnum and with ynarevith73, you should really look over your posts before submitting them, because they are forever and you can’t take them back. If you “knew what you we’re doing” you wouldn’t be here asking for advice, think about it and good luck.

You could asked more polite man, good luck anyway.

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I meant “I know what I’m doing” as far as I know how to do th exercises etc.

If I have caused any offence, then I whole-heartedly apologise to everyone who has taken the time to post in this thread.

Sorry again guys,


Knowing how to do the exercises, and knowing that your penis is ready for them are two different things. Thunder wasn’t arguing that you didn’t know how to do these exercises. Anyone and their uncle can learn to do any of the advanced routines without a day of PE under their belt. There are detailed videos and descriptions showing you how to do them. You aren’t ready. He was actually trying to protect you and save you pain and injuries to your penis. Anything less than a “thank you” would have been rude.

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