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girth workout

girth workout

I was wondering if someone could refer me to a good girth workout. I know everyone is different and all, but what works for some one else could work for me. My workout seems to be going well for length. I think i will be happy with my length in a few months. I was wondering what secay switched his workout to after he decided he didnt want to be any longer. If u could let me know what u are doing now, and how well it is working that would be great. Anyone else got any ideas please let me know. I am hoping for workouts that you have done and have seen progress-so i will know what to expect if it works for me.


See my post above titled: Power jelqs vs. Two hand squeezes? As far as what to expect?? NOBODY can tell you that! Your gains will be unique to you. Theres no way you can judge what you will personally gain based on what results other men have had. Thats like going to the gym and asking all the big guys what lifting routines they’ve used or are using to try to guestimate what your results would be.


i do that in the gym, and it does help me get an idea, i dont expect the same results-but if something works really well for someone-it will probably work for me at least a little. I know what your saying, but i still like to know what has worked well for others.

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