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I thought i would list my workout and see what u guys think. I start with a little stretching in the hot spray of the shower water. I do this for about 2-3 mins. Then i move on to the jelqing. I try to get a good erection for it which takes about 2 mins if that. I do moderate to intense jelqing depending on how i feel for about 4-10 mins. I then begin with the sqeezes. I regain full erection then sqeeze at base, and right beneath the head for reps of 5 secs. I do 10 reps to a set and usually do 4-5 sets, at least half of this is down under direct spray of the shower water. This concludes my workout which is done every day but sunday. The pc exercises are little wierd. I dont hold them, i just contract and release. I do this 50 times to a set. Initially i did the sets sepperately but recently i have been doing the sets with a minute in between. I do about 2-3 sets. My balls have been really sore lately which brings me to the conclusion that i shouldnt be working out as hard. I started wiht holding the contraction for about 3 secs and i did three sets of 10, then a week later of 20. Then i decided i am not going to hold them and i would just to fast contraction of 50 reps. I have skipped a workout this week, and i am thikning of skipping it everytime if eel to sore. What do u guys think, should i just skip pc ex, or whole thing, my dick is sore sometimes also, and the ligament at the base to. What u guys think-some one reply to my novels, i think this forum is dying.

(this was cut/pasted from my thread at the BP forum, my progress can be found in the progress section)


Depending on how long you have been PE’ing— and I’m presuming it’s relatively recent— I’d be surprised if this won’t all settle down with time.

Why not hold the PC clenched for 5- 10 secs— and work up??. This is what is recommended. I can hold it for several minutes. Can’t say that this has given me any miracles to my sex life , though……(??)

Sore balls often has to do with sexual stimulation not involving ejaculation. Is that possible? When you PE it’s a bit like masturbation but not to climax.

Rest days should be that — total rest— excepting that’s when (I imagine) most of us also have sex— which is hardly rest.


the problem with holding the pc flexes is simply that i cant. i flex and try to hold and it just slips right away from me, and i can reflex as soon as i know it is gone. When i am trying to hold it, I am not to sure if I am actually holding it or if I am just wishing that i am. We will see what happens, i have gotten good legnth gains, nothing in girth yet.

Rest days and PC Flexes....


I know the term “Rest Days” can be easily misunderstood. It can mean, that you’re either not working your dick out that day, and giving him simply a break from pulling, stretching and squeezing or you give him a rest day; for him to recover from the inside, meaning building new cells and regenerate. Both theories are actually somewhat wrong. Your dick really “rests” when in an erect state, providing him/it with fresh oxygenated blood to jump-start cell growth.

I have an interesting book here, called “How to enlarge your penis - Facts and Fallacies”.A study of techniques for increasing penis size from ancient times to modern day methods.

It says here, quote:

“When an arab boy reaches the age of six, he is initiated into the practice known as “JELQ”, which is the elementary stage of Phallic Cultivation.”


“If the boy’s family is well-to-do, he’ll later be send to an establishment known as the “MEHBIL”. This is a combination of health-club, gym and spa, where he will undergo more elaborate daily treatment….also called ritual”

Anyhoo, the author tried the exercises for an entire year, appearantly, and he writes:” I performed the ritual slowly, using lower strokes with one or two fingers, never the closed hand and worked up to a near climax at least six times during each stimulation ritual, then I would relax and allow the penis to become semi-erect and I continue with the second and so forth stimulations. Sometimes the feeling of frustration occured around the fifth or sixth stage of stimulation, and when this happened I allowed the ejaculation, ending the process”.

I don’t know how effective this method is, but it follows the same principle your body uses naturally. Namely giving you soaring erections during the night, up to 5 or 6 times, rejuvenating your dick with fresh blood. But,…since we break down or force the growth of new cells, that can hold the blood we, forcefully, push into our dicks during the day or exercises, the “ritual” just encourages cells growth in a faster way. You do the ritual right after each workout and you still will get soaring erections during the night….get my drift? It’s a Happy Meal with a free cup of Sundea Icecream.

I used the method described in the book during the last experiment after each workout, calling it Phallic Cultivation, and gained a little over 0.3 inches in 2 months.

Makes me think if we’re all on the right rack with High-Intensity workouts, a lot of pressure, ….this and that.

Any comments?

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

about PC...have the same problem...

Hey larry….

i have the same problem about PC…can’t hold for few seconds…but i have found the solution !!! simple think this: when you have not a strong muscle u try to do an exercise…try to lift up 200 kg …maybe u can make a little and quick lift…but not to hold this heavy exercise… the same with PC …when u begin u can only make short and quick lifts (i can do 50 flexes of 1-2 secs…) not to hold the flex for 30 secs…. but if u keep on making quick lifts u’ll find that slowly u can mantain also a long single hold…just try !!! it’s annoyng at the beginning cause the muscle seems to do without any control and after 5 secs the muscle goes down…don’t worry…only need time and work …GUARANTEEE !!!! but u have to try…if u don’t try will be always this kind of “going down”….
This is IMHO

Big(inthefuture)Bamboo :)

I think so...

Yes, I think it has that stuff in it. Sounds pretty funny and the first time I’ve read I went “Huh? Mayo?…WTF…”

I don’t know how credible the entire book is but have the same shit on sale. But still, it has passages in it that are somewhat informative, like the above mentioned method. I tried that one and it seemed to work for me AND it makes sense.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

pc flexes

i tryed holding the flexes and i am doing better than at first. I now do sets of 30 and kinda hold for 5 secs. I am working my way up. I measured and i am still at 7 5/16, i think it has something to do with me getting to lax on the pc workout. I now do them at different times in the day and concentrate more.

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