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Is it better not to warm up if micro-tears are what we're after

Is it better not to warm up if micro-tears are what we're after

Just a thought; if you warm up does that not make it more difficult and require more tension to make micro-tears in the tunica? I was just wondering what others thought about this. I realize injury is more likely but the elasticity is increased when you warm up so causing tears would then be more difficult, as my understanding goes. As long as you start out slowly and progress evenly for stretching, manually or otherwise, would it not be more effective and require less overall tension to start out cold to reduce the elasticity aspect? I’m not recommending this or have I tried it very much but I was interested in getting others feedback.

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That is a debatable topic. Some people will say yes, you have to warm up or you could cause injury. Which is true. Others will say that they don’t warm up and they have benefited from it. I personally am torn between the 2, no pun intended (little joke there). I had instances when I didn’t warm up, within minutes of jelging or stretching, I would get blood spots on my glans. It’s a personal preference. Do what works best. Just think, you might warm up for about 5 to 10 minutes and start your routine, but that warm up is not going to last the whole time. Your tendons will cool down and provide the micro-tears your penis needs. But that initial warm up, for me at least, will aid you from blood spots and worse, blood blisters.

I agree with wannabebig.

When i did’t warm up i was always with red dots too so i always warm up now.

Try both ways and compare results.

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We are really after collagen synthesis of the same kind of cells that make up our penis structure.
I found an interesting scientific article that explains it:
What happens at a molecular level?

Micro tears from stretching too hard when cold may result in scar tissue formation which will quickly condition your tunica and eventually stop further gains.

More info about heat in PE here:
Benefits of Heat in PE

If you have an injury or visible trauma of any kind, you have gone way beyond micro tears to the macro tear level. By definition, micro tears would be microscopic and not visible to the naked eye. I would suggest any level of moderate exertion produces micro tears much like weight lifting does in muscles, however there is no visible injury present.

Whether you warm up or not, if you have visible damage, or loss of erection quality, you have gone way past the micro tear level.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Thanks for the information guys. I had never meant to imply not warming up for any kind of jelqing just stretches; I’m more then happy with my natural girth so I’m not going for any thickness just length. I had taken a long hiatus from PE and wanted to get back into it so I was just wondering aloud.

I just wouldn’t have the ‘balls’ to jump into my routine without warming up.

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