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Warm up - erect or flaccid?

Warm up - erect or flaccid?

Howdy, this one is mainly going out to the more experienced guys out there to do with warm up, not sure if it has been covered before, searched to no avail.

Any way, my question is do you warm up erect or flaccid? I read that the purpose of warm up is to warm the fibres of the penis to make them more elastic, so it got me thinking that if you heated while erect you would get greater elasticity of the fibres. I think this for a couple of reasons,

1. That warming up at your erect maximum will promote greater expansion of the already erect stretched fibres.

2. That it would make sense to try and warm up erect, already stretched fibres instead of flaccid, unstretched fibres. Since what we are trying to do is increase erect length/ girth and promote the already stretched erect fibres to increase more.

Of course by the time you finish you would want to be flaccid for stretching, but to start off with be erect and let it subside.

I guess this could also be said for warm down as well. In any case I would like to hear from anyone that does warm up and warm down erect and what the more experienced PE people have to say about this.

P.S. I have read a few threads about the benefit’s of heat but I don’t think I saw anything about being erect or flaccid.

Happy Gaining!

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Certainly an interesting theory. I don’t really do much warm up myself, but when I have it has been in a flaccid state. If you don’t get many responses from guys that actually warm up in an erect state, maybe you could give it a try for a while, and keep us updated on how you think it is working?

Stretching, jelqing and whatnot will place greater stress on the fibres than the erection will.

Just warm up in whichever fashion is the most comfortable.

regards, mgus

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