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Question about warm up

Question about warm up

How hot should the water be when I warm up and when I warm down? (I use the washcloth for my warm up/down). Should I do the warm down different to the warm up? Or they are done the same? The reason I ask this is because my flaccid becomes just laughable after peing (and it stays like that like for days) and I am wondering if it could be because I do something wrong with the warm up/down. Oh and I warm up/down for 5 or 10 minutes.

Your flaccid becomes shorter after penis enlargement work because you are using too much tension and/or you are not conditioned yet.

The ideal temperature for warm-up is between 40- 60 Celsius, IMHO.

Ok I’ll watch the tension thanks man but if my flaccid continues reacting like this because I am not conditioned, should I keep PEing until I get conditioned? If so, how long does that takes? Thanks in advance.

You’ll be conditioned in a matter of weeks, if you are going to use progressive intensity, starting with moderate force in your stretches.

Also, doing jelqs after stretching should avoid turtling.

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