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Introductiongains from a lurker

Introductiongains from a lurker

Hey hey! First time poster, long time lurker. I began PE a little over a year ago. My starting stats were 7EL by 4.5 EG. I started PE because girls in high school began spreading rumors that I had a big dick. Apparently everyone else in my high school also had a pencil dick? Eventually I figured out how important girth was (or lack of through a long term relationship and lots of getting down. After miserably failing at PE with numerous techniques (jelq, clamp, stretching, pumping, ADS) I had just about given up. Eventually I bought a Bib from the man himself and got after it. I hang without wrapping because that’s the only way I can feel it grasp my innards and truly target my tunica.

I am currently 8 1/4 EL by 5.5 EG at mid-shaft. My base girth actually hits 6 inches. If anyone cares I can give a quick outline of my routine: I strap up at the beginning of the day with 20 pounds (no wrap) and then work down until my tunica is exhausted and 5 lbs feels heavy. I use 20 minute session every time unless I’m hanging 5 pounds then I let it ride for an hour or so. I average roughly 20 hours a week (college student). My heaviest weight is 35 lbs but it hurts like a bitch and I don’t recommend it to anyone unless you’ve got a cock built like a tree trunk.

I also practice holding my orgasms. I average about 1 bust every two weeks. This practice makes it extremely easy for me to get an erection regardless of the abuse I inflict on my cock and also makes my testicles much bigger. Thanks for the valuable information and let me know if anyone has any questions or comments.

Good for you, buddy.

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Did you ever have any discoloration? Any injuries?

Eventually I figured out how important girth was (or lack of

Funny I should read this now. Last night for @#@#@ and giggles I used one of my wife’s hair elastics as a cock ring and didn’t tell her. I’m already very vascular but I’d assume I blew up another 1/2 inch in girth from wearing it as she hopped on top of it. Within fifteen seconds she was flailing all around like Linda Blair and spewing dirty talk like a phone sex operator. She took full advantage as she stayed on top the whole time.

I woke up this morning at 5 am and found that she laid out fresh clothes and even packed me a lunch. God bless her, but the lazy @#@#@ has never made me a lunch in the eleven years we’ve been together.

I guess she enjoyed herself!

Started: 5/14/12- BPEL: 8.00" MEG: 5.5"

Current: 10/22/12- BPEL: 9.0" MEG: 5.875"

Goal: NBPEL 8"++, MEG 6"+

No, no discoloration or injuries. Although, the bib does leave my dick looking somewhat deformed after a long hanging session due to the ridges on the device and the absence of wrapping. It eventually goes away. I find it strange that I experience more skin irritation with wrapping as opposed to without it. Currently, I have become accustomed to the stress that I have been putting on my dick so I have decided to go on step further in an attempt at some more girth. I’ve been bundling my penis as tight as it can go, placing it in the BIB (no wrap), and tightening the device until it is secure. I keep the weight at around 10 pounds for 20 minute sessions. So far I’ve experienced mild discomfort while hanging due to the new found stretch, no pain, and improved erections. I feel like this will have a drastic affect on my girth (especially at the base). After doing this for the first time last night I experienced some strangely intense erections in the middle of the night.

And thanks for the girth story. Always love to hear when a member leaves his woman satisfied. Last night my girlfriend and I were getting intimate. I got her nice and wet with a little dual finger action. Prior to PE I would have easily slid right in (always painful on the pride to know that two fingers rivals your dick). Prior to PE I could go as hard as I wanted to. Last night I literally felt like I was spreading her pelvic bones (she’s a small girl). She gasps now when I begin working my way in.

When I wore the bib with a wrapped penis I really didn’t get much out of the device. Most of the gains I saw were base gains. This was due to most of the stress being put on the ligs rather than the tunica. It wasn’t until recently I started wearing the bib without wrap and the girth gains I’ve seen so far are apparent. I can just feel that the volume of my dick has increased (it feels slightly heavier). I also have more skin/or thicker skin.. I don’t know. Whatever it is I’m loving the gains.

Presently I’m doing stretches only.. after i maximize the gains from this ill probably buy a bib hanger

nice gains dude

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