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My jelqing experiences from lurker to contributor

My jelqing experiences from lurker to contributor

First, I’d like to say hello to everyone at Thunder’s Place. It’s hard for me to believe but March 30th will mark my one year anniversary as a member at TP’s and this is my very first post. I’ve decided to be a lurker no more! This site is amazing for so many reasons, but it would be nothing without all of you, the members. I have learned so much from everybody and feel that it’s long overdue that I contribute, as well.

With that, I’d like to make my first contribution by beginning a discussion about my jelqing experience and the apparent toughening of my tunica/CC’s.

While I’ve only been a member here for about a year, my first experiences with jelqing and PE took place over 6 years ago while I was in college. I read about it online but had roommates and a girlfriend and was never able to get the privacy/time I needed to really have a consistent routine. However, for the last 4-5 months, I have been rather consistent with my version of the Noobie Routine, which consists of the following:

- 2 days on, 1 day off

- Warm-up - 10 min. Of submerging my penis in a cup of warm/hot water

- Stretching - less than 5 min. Very minimal. Some circular stretches to loosen things up and some V-stretches because I felt the most stretching feeling from those. I would do some more stretching, but for some reason I always end up bruising the head of my penis and it’s unsightly.

- Jelqing - 30 min. Of a mix of lower erection level (20-30%) and higher erection level (60-80%) jelqing. Basically, I try not to fight what my penis is telling me on any given day. If I’m getting great expansion at a low erection level, then I keep going with it. If that’s not working on that day, then I step up to a higher erection level to get an effective expansion. Bottom line is that I go with what’s working on any given day.

- Warm-down - usually a hot shower and some lite massaging.

My results have been modest but they are there. Over the past four months or so, I’ve grown approximately 1/4 of an inch in length and 1/8 of an inch in girth, and my flaccid hang is almost always about 1/2 inch longer than it ever used to be. I’ve seen a slight increase in my morning wood and my EQ has improved, although I have never had a problem getting hard erections, it’s just that now, they can go to another level of hardness. The head gets fuller and the veins really bulge. That leads me to another result that I’ve noticed, increased veins. My dick looks mean now when I get really hard, I absolutely love it. Overall, I feel that I’ve had very positive results with PE. Sure, I’ve gotten some bruising and red spots, but these issues have all healed with minimal (2-3 days) rest and have never developed into anything more serious.

I apologize if this is getting lengthy, but like I said, this is my first post and I wanted to at least introduce myself a bit.

Anyhow, on to my issue..

About a week ago, I did my normal routine and it happened to be one of those days when I saw phenomenal results. I had excellent expansion throughout my jelqing and hung super long and plump after I was done. Later that night, I had sex with my girlfriend (who doesn’t know that I PE), and I could feel that my girth was larger than normal because even though she was as wet as usual and all other things were completely normal, she felt much tighter and I could feel that I filled her up completely.not to mention she came like crazy. I was thrilled! I felt like I was breaking through a plateau and that I was about to begin a growth spurt. My next day was an off day, so the day after that, I did my usual routine, this is where my current predicament began.

It seems that something has toughened in my tunica/CCs. My expansion while jelqing seems limited now. The head and CS still expand like they used to, but the rest of my penis does not. Keagleing or squeezing in more blood doesn’t make any difference. I even took an extended two day rest because I thought maybe I had just overworked it a bit, but the same thing happened after that. Things just seem to have toughened up, if that makes sense. I remember reading in some other threads about this and I tried to do a search, but I wasn’t able to find exactly what I was looking for.

I am looking for advice from you experienced guys out there. Have any of you experienced the same thing and found a way to fix it? It’s very frustrating that the very next routine after what I considered to by my best ever, seems to have started me on a path in the completely opposite/wrong direction.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your thoughts.

Good post. Very imformative. Thanks.

But sorry, I have no ideas regarding the toughening of the Tunica which you describe. Hopefully someone else does. Maybe you need a longer, deconditioning, break? Good luck, I hope things turn out alright.

:monty: Don\'t forget your KEGELS! :monty:

Welcome to the posting side and congrats on your gains :)
I can say you did the right thing by taking some time off. I’ve heard that some members get what is called a thrombosed vein when training can get intense. This is my only idea and I don’t speak from experience. Here is a link from the injury forum that should provide more info.
Thrombosed Veins

If that is what ails you I’d recommend
Eroset’s Vein Oil - for thrombosis and more
For all around penis health and recovery :)

Short-Term Goal: 6.25" EG by 9/1/14

"Take it Slow and Watch it Grow"

Long-Term Goal: 10.25" BPEL and 6.5" EG ?

Try gingko biloba. It really seems to help me when I feel like I have overdone it. I take it with ginseng. It just seems to loosen everything up which is noticeable in the flaccid.

I have also noticed the same “toughness” you describe although I seem to have found the problem much quicker then you I have only been PEing for approx. 5 months. I do a routine that is very close to yours I notice you do not focus on stretching neither do I, and that you do primarily jelqing. I try to do a lot more High erection jelqing to increase girth, I am wondering do you do the same. If so perhaps we are jelqing at to high of an erection level.

Any other thought on this would be great.

I’ve not had the situation you describe. My personal response would be to stop any/all PE until my erection was back to normal. Then I’d wait another week before beginning a lighter routine, and gradually building up again. Hopefully, some other guys with your situation or more info will post. You may also want to check out the injuries thread and do a search.

1st START: 11.29.02 -> BPEL: 6.06", EG: 4.63", FL: 3.31", EVol: 10.3 (Quit after 3 weeks.)

2nd START: 12.09.07-> BPEL: 6.25", EG: 4.75", FL: 3.5", EVol: 11.2 (9% increase)

RECENT: 02.03.08 ----> BPEL: 6.44", EG: 5.00", FL: 3.5", EVol: 12.8 (24% increase)

Thanks for all the replies..

Yoyo - It’s not a thrombosed vein, as it’s my entire penis that has taken on this toughness. There is no pain, I just don’t get the expansion I used to when jelqing.

EZ - My erections are still great, no problem there. Like I said above, it’s only a problem when jelqing.

Stogie - I generally don’t jelq at a very high erection level, at least not any higher than I ever have. That’s why this is so confusing.

I’m beginning to think that I’ve over-conditioned myself but I still would very much like to hear back from some veterans with their thoughts/experiences with this issue.

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