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New to the forums but long time lurker.

New to the forums but long time lurker.

Wow after registering here it opened up a whole new world…so many different areas that I never knew existed. As a lurker I only saw a few of the forums like the public forums…I never knew there were more. Anyway I’ve been pe’ing on and off for awhile maybe 7 months. I am about 6(nbp) or so inches when standing up and erect. However when I sit back on a chair and measure it can be as long as 7.25 inches(bone pressed)…whats up with that? I know its not body fat cause I’m around 9% body fat. Does this mean I should be stretching more upwards then down? I also just bought a bib hanger and have been using that for about a week…still familiarizing myself with it, its a little harder when your uncut. Anyway if someone could answer this question I would appreciate it.

P.S. Thanks for the help in registering and great website Thunder.

Hi camaroZ28, welcome to the dark side of Thunder’s Place! :D

I also get a different measurement between standing and sitting. I’m really not sure why it happens. The important thing to remember, regardless of how you measure, is that you do it the same way every single time. This will ensure accurate progress measurements. Otherwise you can trick yourself into thinking you’ve gained. Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and welcome you to the other side. Hopefully someone with a better understanding of the anatomical difference between standing and sitting can help.

Have fun posting and good luck with PE!!

Originally posted by ThunderSS
Hey Z,

No problem. Welcome to the forum. What is the difference between BP and NBP standing? How about the difference when sitting?

Hmm, that I’ll figure out when I get home tonight…hopefully I get a chance. Friday’s are a busy night for me. I’m guessing maybe a 1/4 inch or so but not sure. The 6 inch I measure when standing isn’t totally erect as when I’m sitting cause for some reason when standing I just can’t get it hard like I could when seated. Maybe its cause by the time I get the tape measure, put it on and measure I’ve already lost some of the erection. I don’t measure often though.

Starting: Length 6.5inches

Girth 5.3inches

Hey Camaro, welcome aboard. The BIB was a bitch for me, and I’m cut - but it was worth every bloomin’ pinch, twist, pain, re-wrap and curse. Funny, my willie is longer standing - I never considered it might indicate anything about how to hang. Maybe you are on to something…

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