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I really need motivation


I really need motivation

I need motivation soo badly. I started PE about 1-2 months ago, but I only did it for like 5 days.then stoped for like 2 weeks, and then 4 days.. Point is I NEED MOTIVATION.someone please tell me how you guys keep on doing it with out giving up, I’m at 5 and 1/8 inch and I would love to someday be 6 inches, I don’t care for anything more, just six inches.

Can you guys also tell me how long you think it might take me to reach my goal?

A long time…at the rate you are going.

Honestly the easiest way to have some motivation is to have a model of your “ideal” size. I got some cheap Styrofoam pipe insulation at the hardware store and cut it to the desired length I wanted (width is pretty close too.) Now when I feel my motivation waining, I pick of that piece of insulation and place it above my unit. Then I think to myself, if I keep PE up this will be mine soon! Nothing like some visual representation to get you moving!

Good luck on you gains. I do not have an estimate on how long it will take you to get to 6”, but like the above poster said it will take a long time if you aren’t committed.

Think about the benefits and rewards of reaching your goals and how it can change your life and focus on those good feelings every time you feel like slacking off. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted. You can be your own worst enemy if you don’t stay focused all the time. Time to reach goals can vary among different individuals as we have different genetic strengths but as long as you gain something every few months…you should be there in no more than 2 years. It could be more and it could be less but its a reasonable estimate and it will also vary with mental attitude and time and effort you put into this project.

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


Just think of me every time you want to slack off.

You better stick with it or else!
Don’t make me come down off my throne!

On a serious note it is like what Supersizeit just posted, The health benefits and the fact that you may not get ED later in life is reason enough.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Hey BigBicepMan

I remember welcoming you to Thunder’s Place and at that time you seemed to have a lot of motivation. What happened? Do you lose interest or motivation in other parts of your life?

PEing is something that you have to dedicate yourself to doing, find the time, and stick with your routine and not give up. I found that the first 2 weeks were the hardest and I almost quit a couple of times. But, I stuck with it and it finally got easier, became more fun, I began to feel better, and I began to see some progress. The first thing that I felt was that my dick was feeling a bit larger in my hands and that gave me encouragement to stick with it.

I just checked to see what your routine was and you never completed your PE Statistics and PE Routine. To tell the truth, I found that by doing that gave me an incentive to work hard so that I would have something
“positive” to post in my PE Statistics area. There is something about letting others see what you are doing that is helpful. Try it, it might help you too.

Supersizeit said it well. I keep a daily journal, routines done, and comments. You might want to do the same and the front inside cover is the perfect place to put a motivation statement. Print supersizeits posting,
cut it out and paste it on that inside cover. Read it every day and say to yourself, “I CAN DO IT” , and you will, my friend, you will!

Good luck.

Started 4/9/07: Bpel 4.438 Eg 3.750 - Fl 3.750 Fg 3.500

Now 07/08/09: Bpel 5.625 Eg 5.875 Fl 4.625 Fg 5.813....Goal: Bpel 7.500 Eg 6.500 - Fl 5.500 Fg 6.000

"PE inorder to give more Happiness & Joy to yourself AND others!" Panos *** "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" Eleanor Roosevelt.

I wrote down my routine and all the dates I have done PE. When I look at those dates, I feel good about myself.

I feel like I am progressing :)

You were motivated enough to come here and start this thread weren’t you? Start pulling that dick god damn it! You want to reach your goal don’t you? You want that dick to hang like a horses don’t you? Well damn it son get to pulling!

TC the drill Sargent.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Dude do you have a girl you wanna bang ? Get big and go nail her.. If you don’t have motivation I’m curious as to why you are here.. But I understand, I’ve been involved in fitness for 4 years now and have seen people come and go from their routines. I think you may need to really have a clear goal you can visualise.. In the end I think it would be worth it

FUTURE - - nbp 7.5" x 5.75 =Success

VERY simple solution! This is what I do. Best motivation I got..

Cause: lazy to jelq
Punishment:no jacking off

If you want a bigger dick, find the motivation.

It’s not going to grow itself, it needs help from you.

And frankly…what you don’t have motivation to set aside 15 minutes..only 15 minutes a day? I bet you spend 3 times that taking a crap.

So get serious dude and start doing your routine!

Yeah dude 15 minutes isn’t a lot I got gains off just training day on day off! Look at kingpole he has gained almost three inches in length!! Chicks have to be your motivation man (or guys or whatever flicks your switch!). There must be one out there that seems out of reach. You know the type, arrogant, sexy, all the guys chase her but none of them get any. She will be yours man!

May '07 - BPE = 6.5"x4.75" FS = 5.125"x4" Goal= 9"x6" - might as well aim high!

Now - BPE = 6.625"x5.125" FS = 6.063"x4.5"

We got the same problem but I over come it by avoiding my sex fantasy, and I only think of sex when I do the jelq and I avoid masturbation to make me feel horny when doing it.

You should enjoy jelqing and don’t be too excited of the gains because sometimes it will discourage you of jelqing especially you are not having one yet

If you need motivation to do it more than a week or two you probably don’t care that much, and it’s not a bad thing. If you were PEing for a half a year and needed inspiration to continue then I’d understand. But seriously if you don’t care enough to do it then don’t worry about it, it takes time, might lead to a bit of frustration depending on how it goes. Only go the distance for the things you care about in life.

P.S. If I didn’t care I definitely wouldn’t do PE and risk and injury but that’s me.

In all things, when I have someone else evaluating me, I feel a lot more motivated since I don’t want them to think I failed. Maybe you’re the same. If so, get someone else involved. If you have a girlfriend or wife, tell her about your goals and your progress. If you don’t know anybody in person who you can tell, then post your pics, goals, routine, anything on this forum. Hell, make a blog about it and include a face pic and personal information. Stripping away anonymity helps. Just do something to make your progress more public.

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