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Motivation thread

Motivation thread

There are quite a lot of motivation related posts here at thunders. I think we all know that motivation is the key to success. But we also know that it is difficult some times to stay motivated and do the exercises on a good regular base.

With this treat, I want to bundle motivation approaches / strategies that helped people in the past and hopefully help other people now and in the future.

To make this threat surveyable, I think it will be wise to number the strategies. So if you post a “new” strategy, please number further from the last posted strategy. Opinions, experiences etcetera are also welcome off course.

GOAL for December 2007: 8 X Red Bull

GOAL for December 2025: 14 X 10

1) reading and posting here at Thunders

2) continuously imagine that you will become much bigger if you train well

3) people who support you (girlfriend for example)

4) thinking about the gains that you already made

5) thinking about the more pleasure your gf experiences since you made that gains

6) making schedules

GOAL for December 2007: 8 X Red Bull

GOAL for December 2025: 14 X 10

1. Work with your “goal” penis now, don’t wait on it. Your mind has to see it to get it.

2. Cherish those “Damn, I’ve got a big ole’ dick” days and push ahead, use the energy feverishly.

3. When you have a great engorgement and are excited, verbally comment on how big the m^ther f*cker is.

4. Push the envelope when inspired to do so.

5. Count something else besides reps, this will transfer the mental focus on things more useful.

6. Throw the ruler in the trash after getting start measurements, plan on this being an everyday part of life and get it on.

7. Never ever ever use the word plateu in your vocabulary.

8. Always use your imagination, a simple adjustment can increase intensity greatly.

9. Get your ass to work! Back to the front!


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