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I thought I would post this little catchy bit of motivation. The song is pretty catchy and Im not sure when it was released, but its by “Salt N Peppa” and is titled “Short dick man.”
Very catchy bit of motivation that any new person could use lol.

BTW I have gained 1/8inch after 2 weeks now (pure stretch routine, I acquired a small spot after jelqing that went away the next day, but scary, no more of that yet!) Im now at 6 3/8th inches!! YAY lol Ill reach my goal of 7.5 sooner or later lol


Link removed.


Don’t post the link again.


Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

I just must have not paid attention when I read the rules. I wasn’t sure if a bot was removing the link or a moderator. No outside links allowed or…?

thanks for not just deleting my account or something

Even if a bot was removing your link it would have been doing so for a reason, so thats not an acceptable excuse, sorry. Try harder next time.

I removed it because its a link to copyright material which downloading would be an offense for a lot of people in a lot of countries. Its like warez,porn etc. None of that kind of stuff allowed. Read the forum guidelines you’ll get a better idea of what is appropriate.

We moderators are not infallable or anything (or at least I’m not) and I’ve certainly removed stuff I wished I hadn’t but if it gets removed assume that its for a reason and even if that reason is beyond logical comprehension that posting it again is not in your best interests.

I suggest you lay off the outside links for a while until you get a lay of the land.


Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

I will


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