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I don't know if this is an injury but...

I don't know if this is an injury but...

I have been jelqing for a bit over a month now.

I have had about zero gains besides a more conditioned penis ( :) ) but even so I want real gains….

Well I have been doing jelqing rather light (not too light though.)

Basically when I used to do jelqs, there was no high-pressure feeling in my penis. There was basically no “pain” or much of any soreness.

So after a month of jelqing, I figured I could up the pressure and intensity. I didn’t up it that much (its not like I was giving my penis a death grip), however I would feel high pressure through my penis.

After 3.5 minutes of jelqing, I felt an all of a sudden sharp pain within the inside of my penis near the glans.

After that pain, I basically stopped jelqing. I was in a bit of a worried shock, so my erection went to basically 0%.

I feel no pain now.. my penis looks pretty shriveled (probably because I am anxious now).

Anyway, I think this isn’t a bad long term thing. Just a first sign to take it easy.

… I wish I made those “newbie” 0.5” gains. I’d like to work my penis a bit harder, but I of course don’t want an injury.

So any one have experience with this?

Any advice on how to increase your jelqing intensity level safely while still making good gains?

As of 5/1/05 BPEL = 6.50" EG = 5.25" 5/20/05 BPEL = 7.00" (This is at the peak right before an orgasm) EG = 5.38" First Goal BPEL = 8.50" EG = 6.25" FL > 5.00" (haven't done PE since about August of 2005)

Getting back into it for a week now, same goals as before, but..

1/10/2010 BPEL = 6.625", EG = 5.25" ... Really wish I did PE for the last 4+ years. Who knows where I would be at.

Sounds to me like you over excited a nerve bundle.

(for lack of a proper medical term)

I’ve felt a simular sensation on the left side of my glands a couple time in the past after a heavy

PE session. Almost like a burning sensation and it is quite uncomfortable. It never last, but I take it as a warning sign (at the first instance that I feel it) to back off a bit. I’ll usually take the next day or 2 off until I feel comfortable again. No sense in having a big wanker if it don’t work.

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