v stretch injury

I injured myself doing V Stretches by putting the “fulcrum” very close to my body. I was moving the edge of my non-griping hand up and down the top of my stretched penis. I noticed a particularly strong stretching sensation when I put my free hand almost right up next to my body at the base of the penis. So I did some stretching in this position for awhile. I performed no exercises the day after this due to time constraints, but everything was fine. The following day, however, I woke up and felt a severe aching sensation in my groin. I then started to get a morning wood and the pain was nearly excruciating. I could feel pain running along the right side of the shaft.

The aching sensation persisted for about four days and was severe enough to slightly interfere with my concentration. The sensation was not in the penis but more inside the body, though perhaps in the retracted section of the penis. A hot water bottle provided relief when I got home from work. Even after the aching went away squatting in the gym or running would cause discomfort in my groin for about another week.

Grimacing pain accompanied the start of erections for about a week and half. Because of the pain I never actually got erect during this time. Then the pain diminished daily. About two and a half weeks after the injury erection was painless. However, now (~3.5 weeks post injury) it remains painful to at all push down an erection from its upward angle. My full erection points perpendicular to the axis of my hips, but on the way up and down it now lists to the right by a few degrees. It never did this before.

Anatomically, I can’t be certain what happened. My guess is I strained or slightly tore suspensory ligament on the right side of the penis. It might even be broken now and I wouldn’t know it.

If anyone else has had similar experience it might be appropriate to append to V Stretch descriptions a warning about putting the fulcrum too near the base of the penis. Then again I can’t swear the injury was caused by V Stretches as I also performed other basic stretches that session.