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injury report

injury report

Dear fellow PEers,

I would like to share with you my recent bad experience doing PE, and would like to ask for your advice.

I am a healthy man in my mid 40’s with the usual poor parameters like so many of you on this forum (FL: 2.75”, EL: 5.25”, with proportional girth). I have heard of PE about three years ago (the’hanging’ method), and although it sounded great to finally alleviate my ‘locker room’ anxiety, but at the time I considered it too dangerous to try, and kind of forgot about the whole thing.

About 5 month ago, I stumbled upon the stretching and jelqing method, but still decided not to do anything. In late January of this year, however, I decided to give it a try. The reason that finally convinced me, and which I don’t want to talk about here in detail, was my marital problems (both sexual and non-sexual). Anyway, the decision was solely mine, I haven’t even told my wife about it. I have done my preparation reading both by looking at this excellent forum and paysites, and I thought I have had a pretty good understanding what the routines were.

I have started my exercises during the first week of February, with hot wrap, stretching to the five directions for a few minutes each, followed by jelqing. It went fine, although I felt ‘stretched’ but not too much.

On the second week, I settled to a different routine. During shower in the morning, I started with a straight forward pull ‘stretching’ for about 30-60 seconds x 5-6, with 20-30 second massages in between, for a total of about 7-8 minutes. After a 10 minute break or so, I did the jelqing for about 10 minutes, about 200 strokes 2-3 seconds each. I did this for 4-5 days with the weekend off. The only thing I did not do was the hot wrap in the end. This was the routine I also followed on the third week, but I missed one or two days that week, I don’t exactly remember.

After this first three weeks this is what I observed: First of all, I felt absolutely great. Although I have not seen any gain in my flaccid length, in an erect state and during sex (during the few times that my wife was actually willing to go to bed with me), I felt both a bit longer and wider. My general self-confidence also got much better. Another thing I noticed that my nighttime erections, that were getting weaker in the last few years, got much much better, as if I was in my early 20’s again. On the downside, one of my veins got dilated and a bit painful, and my skin also felt stretched. During jelqing I tried to avoid that area with the dilated vein and that seemed to be OK.

It was in this spirit that I started the fateful week four. I started with my routine above, but during the second half of the week I started to do both the stretching a bit stronger, although not as strong as to feel hurt, and increased jelqing to 300-400 strokes and did it about 50% stronger than before for about 15-20 minutes total. This I only did for two days. After the second day, however, I woke up to not having a strong early morning erection, which got me somewhat worried and I only did a light jelqing that morning. During the day I also noticed an almost complete numbness in my glans.

In the last seven weeks since then, this is how it stayed. Of course, I immediately stopped any PE and since then only had sex 4-5 times and masturbated manually about the same number of times. The experience in all this is the same. I don’t have much of a feeling in my glans. I haven’t lost all feelings, but sensing light touch and warm water is almost completely gone. This lack of sensation involves almost all my glans with the exception of the bottom side, and most severe in the middle. All in all, this looks like a dorsal penile nerve injury.

As you could imagine I am pretty devastated, occasionally almost suicidal, although I am trying to maintain my composure. I don’t want neither the kids or my wife to know what happened (although I guess eventually I have to tell it to her). I am also going to see a specialist in 10 days time.

One other thing: Ever since I was a teenager, I was always numb in my glans for about 30-60 minutes in the morning which I attributed to my early morning erections. I always thought that this is normal, but I am not so sure of it any more. Could it be that I always had an anatomy that made this kind of injury more likely?

I have thus two questions to this forum.

1. Did anybody had a similar injury, and what was the long term outcome? If yes, have you been treated in any ways (if it can be treated at all)?

2. My previous ‘usual’ morning numbness. Was it normal?

I would appreciate comments. Best wishes to all.

Numbness & Loss of Sensation

I have recently had much the same trouble as you are experiencing. I stopped all jelqing and stretching but continued with kegles and massage for approx one month. Feeling has now started to return and I have reduced my jelqing to half that to what I was previously doing (I use the PJ device).

I have not lost any gains that I had made and I feel great and the penis is hanging really 100% better than it ever used to before PE.

I suggest you slow down - perhaps change your routine.

I am currently trying a two day on and one day off routine, if I feel tired or not in the mood I also don’t do any thing. So far I feel that this is working and is something I am comfortable with.

As has been said many times , we are all different and we have to find a routine that suites us. What works for some doe’s not work for others.

Experiment for a month or two to find a routine that you are comfortable with and most of all don’t be in a great hurry to get gains. Nature has it’s own way of giving rewards, we just have to find it, besides Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Health is Wealth


You stopped and your going to the doctor so your doing everything you should do. It sounds like you just did a little to much to fast. Is your penis cold when it’s numb? Has the color changed at all?

Good luck keep us informed of you progress


Re: injury report

Originally posted by Raffis
As you could imagine I am pretty devastated, occasionally almost suicidal

IMHO. feeling suicidal is a bit outside the parameters of the situation you describe. In other words, I think you’re dragging in some other stuff. Which is OK; we’re happy to support you however we can, but to put out a fright message when you then say

Ever since I was a teenager, I was always numb in my glans for about 30-60 minutes in the morning which I attributed to my early morning erections. I always thought that this is normal, but I am not so sure of it any more.

You ask: My previous ‘usual’ morning numbness. Was it normal?
Is there anyone else reading this who was numb in your glans for 30-60 minutes in the morning? I think that’s unusual.

understand that I take particular interest in your situation because I’m a visible advocate of PE, and if I think I’m acccruing any detrimental karma as a result of causing harm to others by posting what i think is supportive and helpful encouragement to practice PE, I’m outta here (if someone else wants to dredge up my old stuff and re-post it that’s their karma - i hope). Seriously. I suspect you’ve aggravated an existing nerve-related issue, definitely out of my expertise and also, I expect, not particularly relevent to most readers.

Any and all welcome to contradict me and/or add insights.

{<br> from dredging}

I would agree, if you had numbness before you started PE perhaps you are only going to aggravate the situation by doing PE. Sounds like a date with the Doc is called for, and be honest with him/her and don’t leave until you understand and agree with what they are telling you.

{/<br> from dredging}

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Thanks for all your replies, and I’ll update you after seeing the doctor.

A question to Droopy. Could you give me a little more details about your similar injury. Did you have any ‘warning’ signs? What is it that you have felt, or did not feel, while you were ‘numb’? How did it resolve, gradually or essentially one day you just regained normal sensation?

As I said in my initial post, it’s not that I don’t feel anything, its just that its very dampened. It’s hard to illustrate it well, but it’s similar to how I feel an hour after getting a lidocaine shot at the dentist. You now feel the skin on the affected area of your face, but it’s a damped feeling.

The irony of the whole situation is, that being uncircumcised, I always had the opposite problem, i.e. being very sensitive and highly arousable through the simulation of the glans, and even after learning how to do the Kegel exercises I couldn’t really hold myself longer than 2-3 minutes during sex.

As for whether I feel coldness or see a changed color in my glans during erections, I don’t think I have this. My erections and also my ejaculation are fine, except that in the latter I miss that simultaneous feeling in my glans.

I also want to assure you all, that I am not at all against PE. In fact, I think that doing light stretching and an occasional light jelqing should be a routine for all men, whether they seek enlargement or not (in a same way as Kegel should be routine). My case appears to be uncommon, and I must have intensified the jelqing part, for me, too quickly.

One other thing. Perhaps it would be a good idea to establish an “Injuries to watch for” section attached to the newby section; not to scare off anybody, but to inform in a focused way. I think many new starters can be carried away with this newfound sense of personal achievement, and a check on this section would help not to do things too fast. But this is only an idea.

The best to all


I had something similar a while back. It took about 6-7 months for the sensitivity to come back, in which time PEing was off limit.
This does not mean it would work for you as well. Like Thunder wrote, you might have just aggravated an earlier symptom.
Avoiding PEing is definitely the right way. I’m joining the call for you to go see a doc. If it’s nerves injury, you’d want to treat it ASAP.


Yes - an injuries board would be nice. A few of us have suggested it over on the peforums board, but it’s not quite operational there yet.

I always noticed that when I woke up in the morning I sometimes had a difficult time orgasming. I had always assumed that this was because I had had an erection in my sleep for long enough to semi-desensitize the penis - a result much the same as the dreaded blueballs.

Stop PEing - see a physician. That’s the way to go. If what the physician tells you seems silly, go see another one (or three). You have to shop around with these things. Medicine is unfortunately not a very exact science and while there are many good physicians out there, there are quite a few quacks too.

Good luck!


The numbness and loss of sensation was caused by overexersion or pressure from the PJ device.

I had not had much experience, just a couple of weeks of hand jelqing then went onto the Power Jelq. The pressure that was applied was far greater than that of the hands.

The first week using this device, gave me a real workout but I did notice that I could not get a full erection (real hard). My penis in flacid state felt firm and sort of solid. However on trying to get an erection by rubbing and shaking, it took quite a while and the head of my penis which normally is very sensative was pretty numb. I then tried to masturbate (still not fully erect) and after a half hour of masturbating and with no sensation or pre ejaculation I gave up. This gave me great concern, also haveing sex with the wife I could not retain an erection.

I sort advice from the members on this forum and the general concensus at the time was that I had been doing too much and to slow down or stop for a while.

I stopped for just one week, then started jelqing again at half the rate as previously, after two days, I felt OK but my penis still wasn’t reacting as one would expect so I stopped all jelqing and stretching. I have been off the exercising for approx one month and now all feeling has returned, also my erection is noticeably harder.

I am now experimenting, trying to find a routine that will work for me. Currently working two days on and one off, if this is not to my likeing I will change to two on and two off until I find a routine that I feel real comfortable with.

My problem was caused by trying too hard and doing too much in too short a time. I should have built up more slowly, one has to find out what ones limits are and what is too much. In the case of PE this is not easy to judge and can only be estimated from personal experience.

Health is Wealth

I (largely) stopped pe a couple years ago (I have a thread on this; data posted at Size’s site) for 3 reasons: diminishing returns, getting about the size I wanted, and most crucially, having slight (much less than reported in this thread) decrements in hardness.


The concern I have is that your doctor will tell you a bunch of crap if you mention PE. Doctors are ignorant on the subject. It can work, and it can be safe.


well frankly I am alittle concerned….

Peomg can be harmful to the penis???

sounds like most of the vetrans have had problems with their penis after PEing to hard, long…is that true????

In my case, it was a very temporary slight decrement in function, and all was better a couple days after stopping pe.

One problem with asking pe vets about this is that it seems that many do not have intercourse very often. I did and do, so I noticed the slight side effect.


It looks like you had a similar injury as I do and that it took quite a while to heal. Did you see a doctor with it, and have you had any treatment? Was your recovery gradual or sudden?

In the last two days or so, I may have just started to feel some slight regain of heat sensing. What I mean is that up till a few days ago, under the shower, I felt the warm water running on my glans, but it did not feel warm. During the last two days it appears that ever so weakly I start to feel the warmth again. I hope I am not only imagining this.

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