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Technique effectiveness vs. risk of injury

Technique effectiveness vs. risk of injury

I am a fairly new member here, about 2 months into PE. First and foremost I want to say thanks for this forum. It is incredible in terms of information and helpfulness as well as bringing together a community of insightful, purposeful, and oftentimes funny contributors. There are too many to name but what Thunder has achieved here is unique and very special. I too have learned and implemented some of the basic instructions presented here with success, unfortunately I am recovering at the present time from a thrombosed vein from too forceful jelqing which leads to my thought about a thread which may or may not have been presented before. What I would like to know is considering the most frequently used techniques or exercises for PE such as manual stretching, hanging, jelqing, pumping, etc., which techniques seem to have the greatest success rates versus the risk of injury? Could there be some discussion about the amount of gains achieved and the amount of risk of injury involved utilizing a particular technique? Also based on the effectiveness of the exercise/ technique, could we prioritize that these are the most effective length or girth exercises or that there might be some ideal routine? I would most appreciate input from the veterans here. Thanks.

I do like your thoughts.
Although it would be very difficult to rank exercises like you suggest…

The usual recommended procedure with any routine/exercise is to take it easy at first, and not to attempt aything extreme until you are both conditioned and know what to expect in the heavier exercises like ulis and horses, etc.

Maybe what I am trying to get at is this: do those who practice PE on a consistent basis with results, do you talk among yourselves and share what works best and what doesn’t? Do you continue to fine-tune your workouts? Do you weigh the benefit/cost effect of more risky exercises? For me, because of my work and family, I am willing to commit a certain amount of time to PE and am looking to maximize my efforts and time spent. So, veterans, after months/years of PE, is there a best of the best routine for overall penile health with gains both in length and girth? If the answer is no and that each individual responds differently, would you still share what works best for you? Thanks.

I was hoping for some good discussion but I probably gave this thread a title which generates too little interest. Could it be renamed? Two basic questions; if you could choose only one exercise for PE, what would it be and why, and secondly are the most effective exercises also the most risky?

Realtor, I don’t think you’re going to get much of a response to this. The general consensus is that different exercises work differently for everybody. Apart from that, it’s fairly obvious which exercises are more intense, usually they come with warnings in the descriptions as a bare minimum. If all else fails, attempt a technique with minimal force to begin with until you’re comfortable with the stresses.

>>>I am recovering at the present time from a thrombosed vein from too forceful jelqing…

Hi! I had this too in the beginning about a year ago… I have been doing PE for 1 year and 4 months. I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to continue gaining from PE because of the pain from the vein.

I remember taking a break for a couple weeks… with very mild ‘feel good’ stretching. Never pushing towards a pain limit. After a couple weeks I remember the vein stopped hurting and I was able to stretch it out in a comfortable way. Experiment with angles and postures so you can stretch without aggravating your situation.

It never bothers me anymore. But it did for a while. Massage also helped to loosen things up. Just don’t worry, stretch out slowly, massage the area every day for a couple weeks and slowly get back into a more comfortable routine.

Try squatting, sitting on one knee, standing, leaning, it’s all good. Use this time to find what hurts your vein and what doesn’t. Now I can do anything to my dick, it seems indestructible!

Good luck,

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Although the majority of posts on the forum don’t reflect this, I think far too much attention is given to about 40 bazillion+ exercises and variations when really there are only two stress types to consider: those for girth and those for length. Both can be attacked with a combination of intensity and time. Intensity will determine the stress on a tissue, and over time the stress will reduce so that more intensity can be added. This is true in the time frame of an exercise and also over several years.

Some parts of your penis as going to be very tough and some very delicate. In that sense every individual will have a different experience. The main purpose of encouraging newbies to take it easy is to allow the weaker areas to gee up so that they don’t fail while trying to stress the tougher tissues. A thrombosed vain is a prime example of this. Sometimes we can improve penile fitness drastically, and sometimes we just have to work around a condition, injury or weakness.

Once you have a duration and intensity you are happy with - whatever the exercise, then it would be much more productive to start looking ay lifestyle issues. One thing that I do that know hinders my progress is when I drink alcohol (with its manifold secondary effects). Due to alcohol, and independantly of alcohol, I find that poor hydration and poor sleep are far more important than whether I Jelq or Uli. Complete nutrition, balanced hormones, low stress, positive mindset are other areas to examine.

If a body builder asks whether Tren or Deca is better in terms of risk/reward whilst partying until 3am, not drinking enough water and living on a diet pizza a pepsi, then the answer is neither steroid will give them the best result.

What I’m getting to is this: I don’t believe there is an excersise that will produce the best reward for a given risk level, I believe the real progress is made in the other 23h plus of the day that you don’t exercise. At times I am one of the worst offenders in this respect, and I know it hurts my gains. Some may have PE as their No.1 goal, whereas for others it may just be a passing interest.

If you read about some of the fantastic gainers they often do very simple routines. Somethimes they only do a few weeks here and there in a year, others do 6-8 hours per day. To me that says we’re missing some parts of the puzzle


Dear good friend Realtor, I personally believe that the method used that can possibly cause the most damage is also the method that can bring about the most gain. Any exercise can cause damage if over done, as you have experienced first hand. I have experienced more gain, I believe, from jelqing/squeezing one day and then hanging the next. My personal thought is the first day(jelqing) the tissues are weakened and the next day(hanging) they are more receptive to the hanging stresses. There were a few times during a two week period that while hanging I experienced a rather sharp pain on the left side of my shaft and from then on the left side was more receptive to jelqing, squeezing and hanging. I don’t know what happened when I had the sharp pains, but now when I hang I feel a much more forceful pull on the left side of my shaft and when I jelq the left side responds more quickly than the right. I wish I could duplicate whatever it was that I did to the left side and do it to the right side. I currently hang twenty pounds with a Bib hanger and often break out in a sweat from being nervous about the pulling force I feel wondering if I’m about to do myself injury. There is a good gainer here that told me through private email that he has injured himself numerous times and taken risks that he should not have taken to get “the gains” he wanted. I would guess that anyone who has gotten results has really pushed the limits of safety. Of course I’m not suggesting that anyone should push the limits of safety, everyone is their own man and should be prepared to suffer the consquences of their own actions. Because I have pushed the safety limits I am now trying to find a way to hang without it pulling harder on the left side than on the right side. I just don’t understand how a force that is pulling straight down can exert more pulling force on the left side than on the right. Good luck on your pursuit.



Today I will take negative thoughts and turn them into positive and productive actions. 7.00 BP x 4.75 GOAL 9.0 x 6.5

A little background on me: soon to be 50 years young, in September, same wife 28 years,she’s a good woman, and 2 children, one in college, one a junior in high school, great family, one of my proudest achievements. Bounced around career-wise until I became a realtor several years ago, love what I am doing. One of my greatest passions was/is weight training, never quite made it to the competitive level but was close. For many years I trained intensely and consistently with great gains because of my genetics and commitment to the sport. So, like most everyone here, I am very competitive and somewhat critical of myself and in discovering PE, I also wanted to realize gains and to excel. Getting injured soon out of the gate got me down but also enabled me to reach out through this forum for help and advice. Also, I am very analytical and thus the more information the better in putting together an effective routine, thus looking for an experienced voice to lead and guide. I appreciate all of the responses so far, and am guessing the answers to my questions are “in the journey” and its a matter of trial and error so to speak, but that intelligent and consistent effort will be rewarded.

I think although there is a general depth of knowledge in PE that all of us seem to have, a lot of the truly effective methods have yet to be discovered/put into practice on a large scale. The reason for this is that too many PE’ers look at PE in a completely unscientific manner, ignoring the facts about the body that science has given us over centuries of research.

In the past fourty years, bodybuilding has reverted from a “train twice a day, three hours per session” sport to a “train three times a week, an hour per session” one, and in bodybuilding’s case, less is definitely more. PE is more or less the same in my eyes. Overdoing the amount of time you spend jelqing, for example, cannot be good for your penis. A lot of PE’ers have claimed that PE is nothing like bodybuilding, but doing a jelqing session is the same as doing a set of bicep curls. Both are designed to increase the capacity of the blood cells within that particular bodypart by pushing in more blood than it is accustomed to.

Manual stretching is certainly very effective, but again, moderate intensity for a longer period of time will yield better overall results than stretching as hard as you can for the same amount of time. Stretching too hard is simply not good for your penis - you risk tearing your ligaments, or deforming them, whereas stretching with a moderate intensity will stretch your ligaments at a comfortable rate, one that isn’t doing anything overly unnatural to the body.

Nobody wants to here about 1 day on, 1 day off style splits.

Could it be impatience? Not sure. I suppose its difficult for hardgainers to chill out and actually decrease their workouts, when they are already hung up about the fact that they’re not gaining. But if you’re putting your penis through hell every day, how is it going to recover?

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

I’ve been out of commission now about 4 weeks with this thrombosed vein which has finally healed. Whoever described it as like a guitar string just under the skin was dead on. At first I thought I had injured a ligament from manual stretching but now I know better. I am getting started again this weekend with a warm-up, then 20 minutes of manual stretching and 20 minutes of jelqing, not as intense as before. Also every other day workouts. Maybe sometime in the near future, as I tried to suggest earlier in this thread, we might be able to categorize and list in order of importance and effectiveness the better PE exercises. Thanks all.

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