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I don't get the hot wrap thing.

I don't get the hot wrap thing.

Hey guys.

I´m new here. So I was wondering how the hot wrap thing works. I´ve read the guide, but I don´t get it. I saw the video of just a wrap, that I´ll get. Just putting some tape on your dick. But if the “wrap” is just for warmup, and I´ve read the heat is for losing up the muscles or something, isn´t just the same as being in a hot shower then? Or can I get a wet hot towell, and fold it around my penis, would that work too?

Best Regards.

It works better than a hot shower. In a hot shower, you also heat your testicles, which is not good for them, they work better at a temperature below that of your body’s by a few degrees.

A hot wrap also focuses the heat on your penis, which makes it more effective.

Try using a heating pad, for a more effective warm up than a hot towel, if you want. Also look into Aladdin’s Bottle.

Yes, wrapping a hot wet towel around your penis would work, just make sure to keep your testicles away from the heat.

Good luck. :)

Hi, welcome man.

Mainly the warm up is applied to avoid injury, increase the blood flow and make the penis more “malleable” to support PE stretches and expansion.

You can use hot shower as warm up, but isn’t so effective as the other methods, like the hot wash cloth, rice-socks, heating pad, IR lamps, spacer heater and etc.

As a newbie, I see the warm up as the most important step, because your penis is not conditioned for this new type os “stress” (PE is more intense than sex and masturbation).

Warm up is very important.


Originally Posted by firegoat
Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead or not at all for others.

If you like water, the best way to use water would be to fill a glass with warm water and immerse your penis in it.

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Originally Posted by sta-kool
If you like water

Haha, this made me laugh

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