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No hot wrap

No hot wrap

My program is basically a 10-15 min jelq everyday. No hot wrapping and sometimes I stretch a little too.

Do you think I’m doing a bad thing by not doing hot wrap before and after my session?

Yeah, definitely try to work heat into your routine.

I think it is important to make sure there is plenty of blood flowing to the area before starting,and to make sure there is a good circulation afterwards. This could prevent injury and give you a better workout. My PE takes place in the shower. The hot water is great for warming up.

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Hi dude, warmup is not crucial to your workout, but…it prevents injuries, and to my experience it does make the tissues more strechable.

So to answer your question - it’s not a bad thing, but using a warmup can only help.

^That. And it makes your dick easier to stretch.

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