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Hot wrap or ice wrap?

Hot wrap or ice wrap?

I don’t know what I should use to help my injury heal. I have not used eather wrap, as I don’t know which one might hinder the healing process. I definitly need to use one of them, as my suspensory ligament is not healing. It isn’t proper pain, but it is a mild, twitchy, sting which lets me know that I am miles away from being able to do PE again.

It seems to feel better after a few days of no weight training as my inner thighs tug on the scrotum when I do my deadlifts and bend over to pick up heavy weight. The lite sting comes back when I do my training again. I cannot give up my training as I would probably have to stop for six months to allow it to heal, which would loose me all the strength and muscle I have worked so, so hard to build over the last couple of years. So I am thinking I need to help the injury with hours of the right type of wrap every day. Maybe 2-3 hours of wrapping around the pubic pad area, to allow it to penetrate down to the ligaments.

I don’t know whether I should use a hot wrap to get good blood circulation down there for healing, or whether I should use an ice wrap to stop any swellin and damadge in the ligaments.

I would like to ask a specialist online whether I am ever going to heal from this, as it won’t go away and it’s been a long time now. It seems to get re-injured so easily. I am not going to see someone face to face about this. It would be too embarrassing.

So can any one wise in this matter, tell me whether it should be hours of hot wrap, or hours of ice wrap?

Well I already told you what I do. I use frozen peas in a bag. I used to alternate peas and then an hour or so later rice sock. I don’t do that anymore because I found that the heat made it feel worse if it was already aggrevated. I say ice ice ice when it is really bad and when it feels better then alternate.


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