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I burned my penis.what should I do


So how do you make a home made flesh light?

So, essentially, you napalmed your dick? I wonder if that’s in the CIA handbook as well.

Oh my! This is embarrassing. Sorry this happened, but don’t try to make your own toys. Okay, hope you feel better soon. :)

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Originally Posted by gigolo744
It is not as bad as some of the images that may have just flashed through your mind.but it hurts. Here is what happened: I had the house to myself and I was horny and surfing the WEB(all the ingredients for trouble). I came across a site that explained how to make sex toys ie. A homemade fleshlight.I made it and it felt good, but the lube was cold so in a moment of stupidity I put some vaseline in the microwave(don’t judge me) and then took it out 10 secs did not feel hot to the touch of my hands, but my dick was a whole different story. The moment the lotion/lava was on my member.I knew it was a mistake. It is not blistering yet (it prob won’t) it is just really sensitive and a little red. I wasn’t sure how easily the skin on a penis scars and just wanted to make sure it wouldn’t hurt any PE gains?? Anything I can do to make it better. This is embarrassing and I could really use some advice. Thanks

Great story, thanks for sharing. :rolling:

Oh and your dick will be fine, just keep it away from the microwave.

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Originally Posted by SonnyC
Top Ten thread title. :D

Subtitled, “Help, I napalmed my dick.”

I am putting this in the ‘Now I have heard it all’ folder.

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Originally Posted by Mr. T
So how do you make a home made flesh light? keep in mind this is not as good as the real thing, but it feels ggreat to have something besides my all too familiar hand rubbing on mini me. I googled homemade sex toys(click on the first or second thing that comes up and they have lots of other ideas for men and women.with pictures), but this is more their general idea with a twist made by me.
Get an empty or almost empty toilet paper or paper towel cardboard tube, I used almost empty(I will explain why later), next grab a couple of old(but clean) long socks(more or less socks depending on your girth and how tight you want it) then clean or go buy some dish washing gloves(the basic yellow ones work fine). Cut the tips off the socks and then Put the socks all the way (or deep enough for your size) thru the tube and then wrap the rest of the sock around the rim of the tube(hint: put enough of the sock around the rim so it does not come off). If you think you need more socks put them in the same way. Next get the glove and push it through the tube just like you did the socks and wrap the excess around the rim(no need to cut off the tips.this will prevent a mess ;) ) Try to move the glove around so you don’t have lots of other words make it smooth. WARNING: DO NOT PUT LUBRICANT IN MlCROWAVE!! Smear your choice of lube on the inside of glove and have it. You can try sticking it between your couch cushions or your mattress and box springs or just grab it and go at it. I found that it felt good if you pinched the finger tips of the kinda made a suction around my penis. I did not really get to enjoy this thanks to napalming my dick as tomdi said. If you guys try it out let me know how it works. PM me for any questions or comments and I will answer them pronto. Thanks for the advice guys.I am really glad I found thundersplace.

By the way, I used an almost empty roll of paper towels because the remaining towels give you something to grip and cushion your pubic bone(general region) from hitting the sock covered cardboard even more.

When I saw the thread title I could only think “put your pants on before making breakfast— I didn’t realize it was an actual kitchen mishap.

Don’t stick your dick in electric sockets either.

Just sayin’ ;)

Originally Posted by tntjockey
First of all, read the Forum Guidelines.

I second that motion, as some of the mods here get real anal when it comes to this stuff and your posts are terribly hard to read. Find the space bar on your keyboard and use it between sentences please and thank you.

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Toilet roll holders and socks: when I was young enough to want to experiment we kept it much simpler.

Buy a large car wash sponge, longer than your penis. A cheap one will do.

Get a very sharp knife with a blade as long as your penis.

Slide the knife into the end of the sponge and make a cut of the required length (depth) and width - you can make it less than penis length if you want to nudge up against the end, and as tight or loose as you want.

Line it with glove, plastic bag etc. basically anything slippery when lubed will do.

It only takes minutes to make and is easily re-usable. If the hole gets a bit loose after a while, use the sponge to wash your car and make a new one!

Experiment and have fun. :)

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Originally Posted by gigolo744


I’ll try the sex toy though, sound interesting, and it’s good when I don’t have a life size, breathing sex toy to play with.
*go to the corner and cry about my sexual life :-P *

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Do not leave the sponge on your dick while washing your car! You will scare the neighbors.

That is a great way to get rid of those annoying neighbors that complain all the time about not closing our garage :) . Too funny!

What mgus wrote as far as immediate treatment of burns. Alo vera does wonders for cutting the healing time of minor burns. What you are describing is a 1st degree burn. I would use alo on it a few times a day.

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