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How long before I can start doing different exercises

How long before I can start doing different exercises

I’ve been on the newbie routine for almost a month with no gains. At first I was a little bit discouraged that I haven’t even had any “newbie gains” yet that people here say they tend to have during the first month or so of PE, but I plan to stay the course.

I am on the newbie routine and I do manual stretches before a shower, in the shower, and I stretch whenever I am done taking a piss throughout the day. I don’t jelq that much, but I do try to do about 10 min of jelqing at night when I can. I also make sure that I kegel throughout the day. I have had no negative PI’s to speak of, and my penis rarely ever feels like it needs a break, which I guess might be a good thing.

Though I have made no gains thus far, my erection quality is great and is so much better now than it was before PE. My girlfriend even noticed so. Anyway, my question is how long should I stay on the newbie routine until I can do some other manual exercises, such as V-Stretches? Should I wait another month or two to play it safe and avoid potential injury, or should I just be able to read my own body to decide what works best?

If you already feel as though you are conditioned well enough, have you already tried ramping up the intensity of the newbie routine? holding stretches longer, doing more / more intense jelqs? If not I’d try those before moving on to other forms of PE.

Don’t do anything different until you stop gaining. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

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10 minutes of jelqing ain’t gonna cut it, I’ve been putting in around 1 1/2 hours of total work, stretching and jelqing. I’ve now started using my the jes extender for an hour or two a day, but I don’t count that towards my main work. Garbage in garbage out. If you want results, you gotta put the time in, just like when you go to the gym.

My goal is to be the best me, mind, body and soul, PE is part of achieving the best me.

Up the intensity a little use a little more force but don’t over do it.

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1 month is nothing in the terms of PE. If you didn’t see any gains so far that doesn’t mean you should move on to more advance routine. gains will take time. The newbie routine isn’t just a worm up for more advanced routine, it works and gives gains.

And believe me when I say it’s not that fun to do advanced exercises, it’s hard and exhausting. So take your time to prepare, not just your penis, but also your mind, for the advanced exercises.

Okay, thanks guys

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