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How hard can you go

How hard can you go

I’ve been looking at some of the member pics recently, and I’ve noticed that a fair few of them have rock hard erections, pointing skywards. Personally, I can barley get to 50% while standing and I can just about get to 100% while sitting, and that’s with a bit of porn. It’s really degrading :(

I’m doing kegels like crazy now, (doing them as we speak) but I don’t get the feeling that they’re doing anything, I’ve been doing them for a few months.

Does anyone else have trouble getting hard whilst standing?


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Hey, I feel exactly the same way , kegels don’t seem to do much for me but it does something

I found back when I was around 14 when the hormones were crazy I would relieve myself
Maybe 3 times everyday I found that my erections were always strong then but ever since
I cut it down it’s made my erections much less

When you ejaculate your pc/bc muscle goes crazy and is required to work quite a bit so this makes
It stronger , I could be wrong but thats what it’s been like for me

Let me know if I’m way off:)

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I never had this problem, my dick always pointed up skywards. Guess I am lucky.

Don’t know if you looked at my pics, but I was holding it at the base like a torniquet in every picture. Walking around or doing some other mundane activity drains the blood right out, I think it has a little to do with the position as well - stand fucking is a bit hard for me too (but that could be something else again).

My recommendation would be some extended edging sessions where you can relax and focus on maintaining your erection at 100%.

Enjoy - rw

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Originally Posted by Slack
“Doing kegels like crazy” is a bad idea, IMO.

The BC is a MUSCLE, if you overtrain it, it’s not going to increase our erection strength is it?

Don’t go overboard doing them.

What’s the ideal kegeling routine for PE newbies and veterans? I don’t hear enough about kegeling reps.

But staying erect is an issue I’ve had in recent years. Some days are really good (last Friday, my erection was very stiff and solid.I even felt my inner penis get hard!but I hadn’t masturbated for 2 weeks, so that probably explains why), but more often, it’s hard for me to achieve erection while I PE. There are times where I’m erect pretty quickly during PE and there are times where I have to really focus (usually with porn) to keep the same level of stiffness. I know a few PE days, I didn’t jelq, because an erection never came.

I wish I had more control over my erections (or at the very least, have more frequent ones). What can fix this? One poster said I should finish each jelqing exercise erect, so I started doing that. He also said to clamp. Since I’m 6 weeks in (although I’m not a total newbie at this.I did PE exercises before now), I’m only going to do light clamping and build up to clamping exercises in Jan. (When I’ll be 3 months in) Any suggestions?

I hate to ask questions in someone else’s thread, but when it relates to you, it’s hard to resist (no pun intended :D ).

Originally Posted by dowman5
What’s the ideal kegeling routine for PE newbies and veterans? I don’t hear enough about kegeling reps.

This is may favourite thread on kegels, it has a great routine in it.

A good kegel routine to try

Read it, see what you think….

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