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How hard to squeeze?

How hard to squeeze?

I am a frequent lurker, but haven’t posted yet. A quick summary of myself would probably be helpful. I am a thirty + year old married male. Measurements are as follows bone pressed flaccid stretched length is just a hair over 7, while bone pressed erect length is just a bit under 7 (my penis curves to the left a bit) so an exact erect length measurement is difficult to get. Erect girth at midshaft is 5 1/2 inches. I have been playing around with PE on and off for the last couple of months. I have mostly jelqued and done some manual stretching, and will probably try some hanging at some point.

Most of my questions have been answered on this forum at one time or another so there is only one question I need to ask right now. How do you determine how hard to squeeze while jelquing? Some say to grip very tightly while others say a lighter grip is best. The general consensus seems to be that you have to get as much extra blood in the penis as possible to be most effective. For me personally the method that seems to work the best in terms of engorgement is as follows: Achieve a partial erection ( I have a hard time giving a percentage, but if I have to guess I’d say I am 60 to 70% erect??). I use a lube and jelq with palms up at a pretty fast pace (probably a second or less for each stroke). I don’t squeeze very hard when I jelq, but the faster jelquing seems to force a lot of extra blood into my penis, it gets quite engorged and the shaft gets noticably thicker and the head swells a lot. If a squeeze harder I lose my erection a lot faster. So I guess my question is am I jelquing correctly… the fact that my penis is swelling up quite a bit proof that I am doing it correctly (for myself anyway).

Thanks in advance for any replies, and seasons greetings to all.


I tried palms up jelqing - fast (like in that video) and slow. Fast and light achieved little for me (comparatively) while slow with a tighter grip brought pain in a vein near the base of my penis. I now do a palms down moderate grip with 3 second strokes with and I get a great all around swell and no pain. The palms down allows me to get much more into the base when begining the stroke which I think is very important - much more blood to stretch your whole penis. Also, if you have more penis to work with, it is easier to get a 3 second stroke which most successful jelqers recommend. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get as close to the base palms up than I can with palms down. Plus, the palms up was hurting that vein (my guess is because blood was getting sent in the opposite direction stressing it - using palms down going more in the base lets me get the whole vein into it without irritating it). Palms up looks nice - but I think it goes to much in the direction of a hardon. I’ve compared the afters of both workouts and palms down causes much more swelling - at least for me. 10 minutes after finishing palms up jelqing the swelling is gone. With palms down, I find the swelling lasting all day long. And no pain.

That’s just my experience anyway.

Good luck to you!


I think using a very hard squeeze is best after you have some experience and are warmed up. But I am not any bigger than you really, so what the hell do I know…. LOL!

I’d say as hard as is comfortable without pain or any sharp “twinges”. Watch for red spots. Well actually, just monitor them. It’s not unusual at all to get red spots and they clear up within a day or so but, if you get one or more that are larger than a strawberrry seed (hey I WAS gonna say a deer tick! LOL) you’re squeezing too hard.

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