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How do I know if I have proper technique

How do I know if I have proper technique

Hey guys, 1st post here. I have been doing PE for a month so far, and experienced no noticeable gains. I am not discouraged whatsoever, and I know I shouldn’t really expect to see anything for at least 3 months. I was just wondering how I can know if I have proper technique, especially stretching, so I’m not doing this wrong, and wasting 3 months. What r you supposed to feel tension on when you stretch? How hard should you pull?

Also with jelqing I noticed the harder the erection, the more blood is moved. My head fills up like it’s gonna burst when I have a closer to full erection. Is this more effective than a stroke during a lesser erection?

Thanks, any help appreciated.

Jelqing at high erections is not necessarily better. There are methods that involve low erections producing the best results alongside clamping. Stretching is something you have to discover yourself. You need to stretch hard enough to feel a stretch but not hard enough where you hurt yourself or your hand hurts for gripping so hard.

Did you follow & read the giant link at the top of this section subtitled ‘***Read This First***’?

If so, there’s a link in it’s main post regarding getting feedback from your penis. It point’s to sparky’s famous thread on “Physiologic(sic) Indicators” which should help answer your questions on this topic.

In case you missed it:

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!


From what I know when you do jelqing you should be at 3/4 erect or something, although don’t quote me on that 100%

I think bggrsbttr(may have the spelling wrong) had a good idea. Start off stretching light. If it’s not making a difference then GRADUALLY amp up the intensity. Let your penis adjust slowly. Don’t pull too hard and tear something

I too have been PEing just over a month and have not seen length or girth gains. But I’m noticing that I’m doing the right thing. My have erections occur more often and they’re harder and veinier. My flaccid hangs lower (not much though) I think it’s because my penis stays loose more often. I understand, I wanna see some “newbie gains” too; I guess we’ll have to wait another month or so.

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