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Proper technique to measure?

Proper technique to measure?

I’m finally serious about starting a PE routine but can’t find the details on the precise way to measure my dick in order to track my progresss. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.


I’m glad you intend to take good starting measurements. Many guys don’t and regret it later. Here is what I suggest.

Simply get an erection, then with a ruler measure from your pubic bone to the tip of the head of your penis. You may need to push down slightly on the top of the ruler to make sure the bottom is touching the pubic bone as it is likely you will have a bit of a fat pad. This should be done whilst standing up with your penis pointing out horizontally. Obviously measure from the top side, not underneath. This is known as bone pressed erect length measuring. This is the most accurate way to measure. If you measure non-bone pressed, then your results can fluctuate with your weight as your fat pat gets thicker or thinner.

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