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My 'secret' technique

My 'secret' technique

Hi all. A while back I learned a technique that had its’ beginnings by being used on elite athletes to help lengthen injured muscles (injured muscles tend to stay in a contracted state while healing), but then the technique progressed to not only being used for injuries- but also to aid in stretching healthy muscles/tendons/ligaments further. I figured if it works on other parts of the body it should work on the penis, so I tried it. I think this technique is partly responsible for my rapid gains while hanging with my BS (I also attribute some of the rapid gain to the fact that I have an ‘infantile’ package). I think it may also be useful for many other PE techniques that require the penis to be in an extended state for a period of time, but I cannot be sure as I have not tried this using other techniques like the ZekeMan2000 stretcher, an ADS stretcher, or any other device or PE technique that keeps the penis in an extended state for a period of time.

When I am in the hanger (or doing manual stretching during my warm-up) I do one of 2 techniques. Regardless of the technique I choose, the application of force is 2 seconds. Both techniques require that a ‘trigger point’ is located on the ligament. This is quite easy. I LIGHTLY place a finger or thumb on the ligament and move down it from the pelvic area toward its’ insertion at the penis. When I find a ‘sore spot’ on the ligament, that is a trigger point.

When I am on the trigger point, I choose to do one of the two techniques.
1. Press LIGHTLY into the point for 2 seconds and release, then take a deep breath into the pelvis and totally relax the ligament- feel it stretch out with eyes closed. Continue relaxing the ligament, as well as the rest of the body, until it feels it has stretched as much as it is going to. Repeat as desired. I will usually return 2 or 3 more times, each time noticing the trigger point is less sore.
2. Locate the trigger point, then VERY LIGHTLY massage over the area from the pubic area toward the penile insertion for 2 seconds. Afterward, I follow the relaxation technique described above.

Please be careful if you choose to use these techniques, as they are potentially dangerous if done overzealously. As with all PE techniques, it is possible to seriously hurt yourself if you are not careful. The techniques described above are capable of exerting extremely high pressure on the tissues involved. Please DO NOT get carried away as the possibility exists of tearing a ligament or injuring other tissues. USE CAUTION AND MODERATION, as it will require an extended period of time to learn not only the techniques, but also the proper pressure to use- BOTH TECHNIQUES REQUIRE FOCUS. If you choose to use these techniques, it is at your own risk and discretion. I present them for educational purposes only.

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Thanks for that

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